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Lunar Landscapes of the Agafay Desert

Agafay Desert Tour with Dinner, Show, Quad Biking, and Camel Safari


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Agafay Desert Tour from Marrakech

A half-day Agafay desert tour from the vibrant, bustling, colorful Marrakech will transport you to a completely different world—the realm of silence and tranquility with fantastical landscapes. Unlike the Sahara, there are no sandy dunes here. Instead, you'll find an otherworldly desert landscape, towering peaks of the Atlas Mountains, stunning sunsets, and a vast southern sky densely sprinkled with stars. Here, you truly feel the majesty of nature, but it's not overwhelming. Nearby, a cozy fire crackles, scents from a dinner specially prepared for us waft from the tent, the soft music of the desert plays in the background, and loved ones are close by. Time seems to have stopped, giving us this long, magical, and joyous evening that will stay with us forever.

People come to Agafay for solitude and inspiration or to escape the hustle, the routine, and the kaleidoscope of daily events and to give themselves a little break. Others come to race across the dunes on quad bikes or to take a camel ride. Most come to admire the desert's colors, watch the flaming gold-orange-purple sunset, and enjoy a delicious dinner under a starry sky in good company. And to feel truly happy.

We have created this half-day Agafay tour from Marrakech to share this happiness with you. Experience the magic of Agafay with us!

Type of tour:
Transfer cost:

On a day convenient for you
from 4 hours
€190 (up to 5 people)

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Quad biking (1 hour) €72 per person
Camel safari (30 minutes) €48 per person
Dinner with a mini-show €72 per person (free for children up to 7 years old)

What We'll See and Do
on a half-day Agafay tour from Marrakech

Just a half-hour drive from Marrakech, adventure awaits on a half-day Agafay desert tour:
  • Captivating lunar landscapes of the Agafay Desert and the snow-capped, majestic peaks of the Atlas Mountains on the horizon. Remember, this is where the titan, punished by the ancient Greek gods, is condemned to eternally hold the heavens on his shoulders.
  • An one-hour quad bike ride in the Agafay Desert (optional). You can enjoy the complete freedom, speed, and the air of the desert. We definitely promise an adrenaline rush. Or, if you prefer something less extreme, simply enjoy a leisurely ride at a lower speed. It's all up to you.
  • A half-hour camel ride (optional) offers a chance to feel like a true nomad. You might even notice that time seems to flow differently in the desert.
  • A genuine Moroccan dinner, prepared just in time for our arrival, will introduce you to the flavors of the local cuisine.
  • A small show will make your trip festive.
  • A stunning sunset and a fantastic starry sky (weather permitting) will cap off this wonderful evening.

Practical Details

Getting to Agafay Desert: Our driver will pick you up from your hotel at 3 PM for your half-day Agafay tour. After dinner and show, the driver will take you back. Please let us know in advance which language you prefer for communication—English, French, or German.

  • Quad biking (1 hour) - €72 per person
  • Camel safari (30 minutes) - €48 per person
  • Dinner with a mini-show - €72 per person (free for children up to 7 years old)
  • Round-trip transfer from your hotel in Marrakech - €190 (up to 5 people)
Feel free to select only the options that appeal to you.

Please note that this tour does not include a guiding service. If you'd like a guide to accompany you, it is possible. An additional cost for a guide is €320.

Who we recommend the Agafay Desert trip for:

We recommend the Half-Day Agafay Tour from Marrakech to:
  • anyone who can't take 3-4 days for a trip to the Sahara;
  • those who have already visited the Sahara, Gobi, or Atacama and would like to experience a desert setting without spending too much time;
  • those looking to spend a memorable evening that will linger in their minds;
  • photographers and artists;
  • for families with children or groups of friends.
And, of course, Agafay is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

A picnic in the Agafay Desert is a favorite leisure activity among Marrakech locals and expats who have moved to Morocco from all around the world. Come join us. See you in the Agafay Desert!

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