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Essaouira: The City That's Always With You

A city of pirates, smugglers, musicians and artists
Essaouira is a city of pirates and adventurers, where around every corner, you'll uncover some amazing stories of betrayal and nobility, love and hate, of mind-blowing adventures and triumph. Being a favourite destination for Musicians and artists from all around the world, Essaouira has squares and alleys filled with music and acrobats, who are doing somersaults in this very moment, while you're reading these lines, and Africans dancing to concerts on the beach among the thundering roar of the ocean at night. Essaouira is a bustling fishing port with a market offering a fantastic array of ocean creatures, a bustling port that smells far from pleasant and is, therefore, lively and authentic. Essaouira is a favourite destination for filmmakers; titles such as Game of Thrones, Othello, Phaedra and Kingdom of Heaven were filmed here. Essaouira is an endless coast of deserted beaches, where it's so great to take an early morning horse ride toward the dunes and waterfalls. What matters most are the ocean, the sun, the incredible sunrises and sunsets and the smiles of everyone you meet. The love of Essaouira will remain with you forever!
€240 for a group of 1-4 people; €60 for each additional participant

€240 for a group of 1-5 people; €380 for 6 to 16 people

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We will meet you in Essaouira (transfers are possible from any city). We will climb the fortress walls to enjoy a breathtaking panorama, take a walk through the "Royal" and Jewish Quarters, visit one of the synagogues and lose ourselves in alleys that have never seen the sun. We will learn to read the language of jewellery, the characters on carpets and tattoos and discover African rituals. We will visit the harbour to try some oysters, sea urchins, crabs and octopuses. We will also check out some art galleries and wonderful treasure-filled antique shops. We will learn to play various musical instruments, summon the rain or eternal financial well-being :) We'll make our own mosaic and Argan oil and figure out how and where to buy it. How about learning to haggle so the process resembles gambling and delivers pleasure both to you and the shopkeeper?

And, as always, we will have a lot to cover: history and culture, everyday life, the economy and social processes. We'll learn about several endangered cultures and discover how polytheistic traditions and Islam coexist. We'll talk about the phenomenon of piracy and amazing adventures and journeys. Did you know that a passion for fashion could cost you your life? How do you trade a piece of cloth for a palace in Rome? How to arrange a meeting in the middle of a desert? All of this, and much more, will be covered in our tour of Essaouira. And we'll end it with a glass of – very delicious - Moroccan wine, on a terrace with a magnificent view.

Suppose you decide to stay in Essaouira for a few days. In that case, we can offer you a trip to a local winery, a goat cheese farm with a workshop and a lunch, a nomadic Berber market on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays or a horseback riding journey with a picnic. Or perhaps you'd like to participate in horse-bathing? Just email us with your wishes, and we'll try to accommodate them all.
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