Our project of smart tours for modern travelers was born nearly ten years ago out of a passion for adventures, studying diverse cultures, and connecting with wonderful, bright, and talented people from around the world. And, of course, out of love for storytelling.
We are proud to be ranked among the top 10 Dutch companies on Trustpilot - the most independent and authoritative review site - for both cultural and sightseeing tours.

  • Over this time we've designed over 230 unique tours, including socially and environmentally sustainable ones, promoting understanding and respect for cultural differences and inclusive tour experiences.
  • We've become experts in developing and conducting integration-focused tour programs for expatriates, migrants, and people with temporary protection status.
  • We've become experts in crafting sophisticated personalized tours, catering to both: VIP and more budget-friendly options.
  • We've organized numerous team-building and corporate events for international companies.
  • We've published articles in National Geographic, GEO, and Discovery magazines and collaborated with various travel TV shows.
  • Students from leading European universities, such as Sorbonne, undergo internships in our company.
  • We've provided tours in our destinations to tens of thousands of travelers from the USA, EC countries, Australia, India, Argentina, Israel, the UAE, Ukraine, Japan, and many others.

Snurk.travel awards
We take pride in maintaining a rating of 4.9 to 5.0 on platforms such as TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, and Google Maps for many years. Our tours consistently receive top awards, like the Badge of Excellence from TripAdvisor/Viator.
Now, there are several dozen of us in the team—professional guides in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, and Morocco. We are architects, historians, designers, physicists, journalists, sociologists, physicians, economists, art historians, and even one priest. But character-wise, we are all similar to our mascot Snurk: curious, open-minded, playful, and, admittedly, adventurous. Therefore, we spend all our free time sticking our noses into every gateway, searching for interesting stories, looking for bars and restaurants with the most delicious food, and getting to know farmers, street artists, linguists, or Knights Hospitalers. Furthermore, we study history, statistics, rankings, and archives and read really "boring" books so that later, during our tours, we can share with you all those stories in a fascinating way :)

Each of our tours is one-of-a-kind crafted exclusively for you, embracing your interests, setting a comfortable pace, and accommodating even your dietary preferences. Come and experience it for yourself with us!
  • Anastasia, Co-founder of Snurk.Travel
    As a child, after having read "The Moomins", which fundamentally changed my approach to the idea of dwelling place, I made big and serious plans to settle in a cave. The dream came true - luckily just temporarily! - but the love of finding strange and weird places, such as squats in hippy-occupied churches, art sites in bunkers and movie theatres under bridges, remained. Next on the list: learning to bake edible cupcakes, to masterfully play the cello and to go on a journey to the North Pole on an icebreaker.
  • Nastya, Co-founder of Snurk.Travel
    I am in the eternal search for the beautiful and the unusual. I can't pass by green courtyards, strange buildings, chubby cats and pickled cucumbers. I love finding stories of human kindness and meeting people who are enthusiastic about their work; I love to smell the Hyacinth fields during the flowering season and to photograph beautiful graffiti in alleyways. I fell in love with the immaculate Dutch farms so much that I am seriously considering changing my lifestyle in my old age, but that is still a very remote perspective :)

  • Kate, Co-founder of Snurk.Travel
    I passionately love enthusiastic and interesting people, and therefore I endlessly admire all of my colleagues. In my free time when not admiring, I research different cultures and the intercultural communications between them. With manic perseverance, I search for answers to childish questions: why, where from and how, why is it like this and not like that?? I love it when there are countless books around me. And I love horseback riding along the ocean for a long, long time as well. I can't stand any kind of xenophobia and lumps in semolina porridge.
  • Olya
    My motto is "I'm down for anything except a hunger strike"! I like to wander through old Dutch streets and imagine myself living in the past as a miller's daughter or as a tipsy corsair. I am a professional artist and dream about circumnavigation, but actually, it would be much better to go to the moon.
  • Sasha
    I love cities. I love it when it's interesting. I find the history of the Netherlands no less than fascinating, and certainly very interesting. I am a passionate traveller. A sports fan. I love delicious food and to laugh a lot. I like living in harmony with the people around me. I hope that the day will come when I will see at least half of the Dutch kingdom. I hope that after my tours people will definitely want to return to the Netherlands.
  • Sergey
    I genuinely believe that business processes need to be flexible and work perfectly under any conditions in an ever-changing world. I skillfully bring any chaos under control. My main passion is sailing. I love all the real-life stories and fictional tales related to ships. That's probably why I fell in love with the Netherlands at first sight. I lived in four countries where I made lots of friends, including a camel named Bouchard and a bear named Shanti, both of whom I would definitely take sailing with me.
  • Hanna
    I studied at Sotheby's and Christie's in London. The greatest happiness for me is to share my knowledge, inspiration and enthusiasm for art through the prism of fascinating stories. And I also really like to eat. I had to become a vegan to stay in shape, although I treat myself to red caviar and sunflower seeds on holidays. I feel happy because after the excursions I know my husband and my two cute cats are waiting for me at home.
  • Diana
    As a typical Amsterdamer I live on a triangular island; there is a bee hotel on my balcony and a view of the royal palace from my outside window, but the nearest supermarket is near a far-away field with cows. For me, cycling stopped being a sport a long while ago and became a means of transportation, with the help of which, in my free time, I explore the most picturesque places in the city and beyond. Often while wearing a princess costume and with a camera in my backpack. I love herring, lighthouses, wildflowers, flea markets, urban legends, petting lambs and watching fireworks on the beach.
  • Oleksandr
    Future international economist, a guide, a musician, an actor and an admirer of Amsterdam and all of the Netherlands. I love Amsterdam for its freedom, unearthly beauty and endless channels. My dream is to write a symphony, which could be mistaken for the symphonies of Beethoven or Tchaikovsky or to star in a movie with Johnny Depp.
  • Danya
    Hallo! You are being greeted by the biggest fan of the magical - especially in terms of architecture - city of Rotterdam! It's just like Amsterdam, but better😂 Here, you will encounter the real "megalopolis" of the Netherlands from which Dutch culture and art flow; two subjects which, fortunately, I study :)
  • Elvira
    A historian and a flâneur. I'm writing my dissertation on unfinished architectural projects, and in my spare time, I explore the hidden corners of Belgrade. I love cultural diversity, Latin American literature, English football, Fauvism, modernist architecture and the Balkans in all their forms.
  • Mechislav
    I like to walk through the fields, to touch the walls of castles. Anything older than 500 years is particularly special to me. I love porridge for breakfast. When there will be some spare time, I will learn to fence and join the "knighthood". I would like to spend a month on a desert island, like Robinson Crusoe.
  • Houcine
    Life is short and I strive as much as possible to be as happy in it as possible. I find happiness in traveling and discovering new places, meeting new people and getting to know their culture, and I also find happiness in my daily work that I love because it brings me daily new encounters with people, most of whom are wonderful.
  • Hassan
    I am a great lover of history and beautiful nature, of which Morocco was not deprived by God. I rejoice when there are lots of happy and smiling people around.I really love Chefchaouen. There is a beautiful mountain landscape and the Andalusian Moorish style of architecture. I like to show the real life of the country of sweet orange and to talk about its culture.
  • Daniil
    All my life, I have been living in different countries and cultures, absorbing languages, traditions, and impressions. Does this help me in my work? Absolutely. I love finding solutions to challenging problems, I like to think that I make information more accessible to a wide range of English speakers. And to translate tours, to intrigue others, to make them interested, and help them want to learn more - that's a special kind of pleasure for a translator!
  • Katya
    Wind by the sea, plenty of sky, the smell of flowers ... Amazing sensations. In general, I like to be surprised and to rejoice about things such as roses on bushes in December, the smell of cows in the city centre, the catch of sunken bicycles from the canals; rejoicing to the fields of tulips along the roads and to the fields of bicycles at the station parking lots. It's amazing to meet the gaze of bypassers - they might say hello and smile to you. And stopping by a farm - you might inadvertently buy cherries directly from the branches or an ice cream made from fresh milk. Moreover, there are polders with cows, towers with carillons and poffertjes for breakfast here.

  • Julia
    Most of my life I live on suitcases. And I really like it. I admire people who are enthusiastic, with glowing eyes - you can listen to them for hours! I can gush with energy, bewitch with stories, but more often I can be found with a book and a cup of tea in a quiet corner. I love languages, animals, bright colors. I can't stand stubborn opinionated people. I can enjoy looking at the sea and nature for hours. And surprise neighbors with Russian rock music))
  • Anya
    There are two sides of my personality: the one that loves history, literature and fashion, and the other loves logic, facts and proofs. These two can only get along in the mountains and on a bike near the canals of Amsterdam. I love to joke and laugh, dance, walk until dawn and do all kinds of sports, and I'm also a huge fan of Formula 1 racing. Yes, there are already more than two people! Don't be surprised if you find yourself on a tour with all these guides at once :)
  • Mohamed
    I was fortunate; my birth country, Morocco, has found a special place in my heart, and was later accompanied by Russia and France, due to my love for the Russian language and literature, Arab and European history, as well as a passion for travel and discovery. I was fortunate to live every day in an oriental fairy tale and translate it into Russian for my guests. It always makes me feel like a real wizard-guide. I lead along the roads which are framed by thousands of jewels, paving the way to the main treasure — a new love. A love for the amazing, spicy, sweet, mysterious and hospitable country that is Morocco.
  • Oksana
    Unclouded optimist and avid traveler - this is me. I seek beauty in the ordinary and gladly share my findings with others. I fell in love with the Netherlands at first sight and really hope that my feelings are mutual. And I'm also crazy about dogs, that's why sometimes I am accompanied on a tour with my faithful wet-nose (Chihuahua) Semyon. Join our amusing company and find yourself wandering around Rotterdam, be surprised and inspired!
  • Nastya
    My true calling? To hunt for funny, silly and educational stories and to share them. Even my diploma research project regarding therapy for children with cerebral palsy I turned into a bedtime story. In Belgium, everything is possible!
  • Mohammed
    On the way to the desert, looking at ancient fortresses and houses, I fantasize about the people who lived in them a long time before us. Watching an oasis of palm trees in the desert, you can trace their history down to a date stone, which an ancient man many centuries ago has planted.
    I can confirm with confidence that getting to grips with Eastern culture is a delicate art form.
  • Abdelkarim
    I think being a guide is not a profession, but a way of life. I enjoy every minute of showing my country to travellers and reliving the fairy tales of the "Book of a Thousand and One Nights". I will gift you the most beautiful flower in your travel bouquet. Welcome to the beautiful Kingdom of Morocco.
  • Snurk
    Actually, how great that they came up with the idea of me!
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