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What Are Our Morocco Guided Tours About?

Morocco shatters all stereotypes. Here, on our Morocco guided tours, you will endlessly travel through time, slipping from the modern into the distant past and from reality into fairytales. There are mountains and waterfalls, oceans and deserts, ancient clay fortresses and magnificent palaces, contemporary art museums and medieval medinas. Explore these wonders through our private Morocco tours. Cutting-edge technologies that make the country one of the most successful in combating arid climates coexist with plowing land with a harrow, and electric buses share the streets with horse-drawn carriages. Women wearing the latest fashion trends cheerfully chirp with their girlfriends covered from head to toe. Here, you can talk to people about religion or discuss LGBTQ+ rights. And even the most pragmatic people unconditionally believe in fairy tales here. And many gins are living here :). Even if you don't believe in them, you will inevitably have to consider them in Morocco.

Explore Morocco

With the Best Morocco Guided Tours

To ensure that the genies don't cause you any trouble :) and to help you quickly befriend this unique country and its people, learn about its ancient history and culture, look beyond the attractive, vibrant, but purely tourist-oriented facade, and get the most enjoyment out of your vacation, we've designed a variety of private guided Morocco tours and excursions all across Morocco.

We would be delighted to show you the bustling multicultural Marrakech, medieval Fez, the enchanting blue city of Chefchaouen, and Casablanca—the most successful and forward-looking city in the Arab world (yes, it's Casablanca, not Dubai or Riyadh). We can also guide you through Rabat, Tangier, Essaouira, and the beautiful Tetouan, which has happily avoided the tourist crowds and features Art Deco architecture, a cozy medina, and the country's best market for souvenir shopping. We offer day trips to the mountains and an oyster farm lagoon, photo shoots, hot air balloon rides, horseback trekking, quad biking, culinary workshops, transfers, and more. Suppose you want to see all the most intriguing sights right away or discover the most hidden gems. In that case, we offer a variety of multi-day tours, including private Morocco desert tours to the Sahara, journeys through the imperial cities of the Kingdom, summer tours along the ocean, and many others. And, of course, we would be happy to create a custom tour tailored to your interests, wishes, and possibilities.

And here's a real exclusive! You can find us even in Western Sahara, in Dakhla—with yacht trips past flocks of flamingos, mirages, and surfing lessons. And the day trips from Dakhla into the depths of the Sahara are truly fantastic.

It would be easier to list what we don't show in Morocco. Just write about your wishes and come to visit!

Tailor-Made Morocco Adventures:
Your Personalized Itinerary

If you love traveling independently, we'd be happy to create a customized travel plan tailored to your interests, preferred pace, budget, and even dietary preferences. You can find all the details here.

Discovering the Beauty of Morocco with Our Tours

The array of possibilities in Morocco is dazzling. If you find it hard to choose, just tell us about your wishes and interests, the pace of travel you're comfortable with, and how much time you have. We'll recommend what best suits you and make your journey unforgettable. We're also happy to suggest where to go in your free time, where to find contemporary design, where to spend an evening, what and where to buy souvenirs, how to choose a good hammam, and where to taste the most delicious Moroccan cuisine. During our tours, you'll meet locals and get insights into life in this country. We'll try different crafts, taste the unique and unusual dishes, and enjoy lots of fascinating activities. We talk plenty about the history and present day, religion and its impact on modern life, the origins of local openness and tolerance, traditions and customs—exploring how and why they came to be.

Most importantly, after our guided tours in Morocco, you'll have a much deeper understanding of this fascinating culture. We look forward to seeing you in this beautiful country!

Why Travelers Love Our Morocco Experiences

"......Many thanks to the agency. The guides offered were wonderful - educated and informed. Transport and drivers are excellent. The family is delighted. We have absolutely no doubt that we will come to Marrakech again…",
"...It was a magical journey to the land of fairy tales! It was amazing! Thank you for the wonderful memories!!!",
"This was an unforgettable adventure! It was not just a standard route, we wandered through the city turning into small side roads to see how meat is stewed in the ground or went up to the roof to taste the best Moroccan mint tea. By the end of the day we felt that we were exploring the city with our good old friend...",
" was the best one can ever imagine. Katya not only showed us gems of the city and told interesting facts about history but most importantly introduced us to the land of Morocco, to its people, their mentality, and their life, and did it so with such love and respect that we fell in love with Marrakech immediately! The best experience ever, truly the best Morocco guided tours!".

These are some great reviews we received from our customers who had already joined our tours all around the Netherlands. Most travelers return to us several times, and we have already become good friends. We would love you to experience the same. See you in Morocco!

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