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Organized tours and individual travel plans in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Morocco

We are glad to work with travel agencies, bureaus, and companies. We organize corporate trips, team buildings, and offer transfers.

Tour Groups

If you are working in a travel company, have enjoyed our tours, and would like to organize a tour for a group, we will be more than happy to help you with that! Time is precious, so for your convenience, we have drawn a spreadsheet that gives information about the most popular tours in the Netherlands and Morocco, their duration, prices, and the number of people allowed. Below you will find a description of each route.
¹ Every tour can last longer if needed. An extra working hour costs 150 euros. Please note that the working day of the guide can not last longer than 8 hours.

² If you have a group of more than 20 people, no worries! We will gladly organize the tour for the larger groups too. The price for a group that consists of 21 to 45 participants increases by 25% of the sum mentioned above. Or by 50% if you have a group of more than 45 participants. If your group consists of 20 participants and more, a chaperone service is needed. The chaperone service costs 50 euros per hour (at least 2 hours). You can also invite your chaperone to join our tour.

³ Museums, mills, or church tickets, as well as tastings or other food costs, are not included in the price and should be discussed in advance. The same goes for transportation (except for our tour from Marrakesh to the Sahara).

⁴ Important! According to the city law, tour groups cannot consist of more than 15 participants in Amsterdam. Do not worry if you exceed this number. We can split your group into smaller ones and provide you with more tour guides.
Tours mentioned in the spreadsheet above had been created specifically for groups. They capture the most important and stunning sights and follow specific routes that you can check below. Organized tours can differ slightly depending on the season, opening hours of sights, group size, and personal wishes. If you are interested in other routes, do not hesitate to contact us via

Corporate Trips and Team Building

If you would like to organize a corporate tour, team building, or look for some inspiring and fresh ideas for your travel, we will be more than happy to create an individual tour plan and arrange your journey. Are you looking for boat cruises, hot air balloon rides, tours to design stores or art galleries, workshops, tastings, farm, university or castles visits, or something else? Just let us know your wishes via, and we make your dream come true.


We can also help with the transfers. The price depends on the requested dates, group size, season, and your wishes. If you need transportation during your trip, please let us know beforehand. The more detailed your inquiry is, the more accurately we will calculate the price.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Hungary, and Morocco!
At this moment, we are busy publishing all the tours to our website. If you would like to book an organized group tour or program in the Netherlands, Belgium, or Morocco, please contact us via We will reply as soon as possible.
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