Privacy Policy
The privacy policy defines the obligations of the website administration regarding the non-disclosure of personal data that the User voluntarily provides when using the website (for example, when booking an excursion or contacting the company via the feedback form).

`Personal data` includes the (1) name and surname of the User, (2) the contact telephone number of the User, (3) the email address of the User, (4) the exact dates of the User`s travel and (5) information about the User`s ordered services. The administration of the website may use the User's personal data in order to:
  • Identify the User that is placing an order;
  • Establish communication with the User through letters and calls in order to process the User's request and provide services;
  • Provide the User with timely customer support;
  • Notify the User about the status of their order;
  • Process and receive the User`s payments;
  • Provide the User with a newsletter about the most recent company developments as well as the new services of the company, if the User gave their consent to this newsletter.
The User's personal data cannot be transferred to third parties, with the exception of situations established by applicable law.

The website administration has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy without the consent of the User. The User can get clarification on any issues or concerns they may have regarding the processing of their personal data by contacting the website administration via e-mail:
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