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Marrakech: Mysteries Of The Old City

Quickly immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and master the local rules of communication

Imagine an endless bazaar – bright, festive and noisy, overwhelmed by various smells and the shouts of barkers. Hello there! How are you? Excellent, and you? Have a nice day! And you too! Hello there! The streets are filled with snake charmers, fortune tellers, real "sorcerers", con artist doctors, street acrobats, and so much more. Rub any lamp you see, and a genie will appear! Or even a beautiful Peri! Hypnotic African music, Berber ornaments with a mysterious meaning, palaces, shacks, and stalls of craftspeople who create unimaginable beauty before your eyes. But as soon as you open the right door, the bacchanalia of colours and sounds is replaced with a refreshing Moroccan Riad and silence, accompanied only by the gentle gurgling of fountain water. Then, once again, a labyrinth of narrow, medieval alleyways, where, having lost all hope of escaping, you can wander around for hours while exploring novelties and listening to extraordinary stories. It's a delightful adventure to immerse yourself in Medina, Marrakech. We will help you discover many of its secrets, history, traditions, and we are absolutely sure that you will fall in love with Medina with all your heart and soul! We'll also explain which rules to follow and avoid any unpleasant experience which might spoil your trip. Finally, we will show you how to feel right at home in all this chaos so as to have a magical holiday.
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We'll visit one of the most gorgeous palaces in the Maghreb region, filled with lavish mosaics and murals. We'll also watch street performers in the Djema el-Fna square. Not to mention discovering ancient mosques and caravan barns, getting lost in medieval backstreets, and of course, we won't miss any modern art and designer galleries. We'll peek into hidden courtyards and visit a spice market with chameleons and turtles! We'll enjoy the cool breeze of orange-tree gardens while sipping mint tea on a shady terrace. And, of course, we will try out the national cuisine!

We will talk about the country's history and what it's like today. How so many marvellous traditions were formed, and what practical purpose they serve. We will talk about education and the economy, social programmes and women's rights, and what it's like to be Moroccan today. We'll figure out how absolute power, freedom of privacy, medieval traditions, and innovative technology are all elegantly intertwined in Morocco. Did you know that Morocco is ranked 17th in the world for medical care? Would you have guessed that in Morocco it is forbidden to produce and sell women's clothing which completely hides the face and body? What about TEDx Talks that are held at mosques?

We'll learn how to barter like locals - with fun, excitement and mutual enjoyment. Want to try your crafting skills? That's also possible! This city is magical, and together, we have some fantastic adventures and encounters waiting for us!

For this tour we offer two types of routes around Marrakech: the orange course (the traditional one) and the green course (which we prefer ourselves). Or, if you prefer, we could turn aside and set off searching for the unexplored. The choice is yours! The tour is private, after all :)
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