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Ourika: The Kingdom of "Noble People"

A day in the Atlas mountains. The best solution if you don't have time to tour the country

About half an hour's drive away from Marrakech, it's a different world. Snow-covered mountain tops, blossoming valleys, foamy cascading mountain rivers and waterfalls, water mills, mud-brick villages clinging to mountainsides that seem impossible to reach (but we'll visit them!), suspension bridges, terraced vegetable gardens and blossoming gardens. But the main thing is that a different group of people lives here. A group with its own culture, traditions, language and script. And the stories of this culture will surprise you.

In Ourika, you will want to get out of the car every few minutes to look around. You can also try and bake your own bread, grind flour or whip fresh butter. You can try on national clothing, meet some wild and very peculiar monkeys, make your own clay pitcher, go for a camel ride, harvest lychees or cherries, experience traditional beauty treatments and even learn about contemporary art. And, of course, we will spend the whole trip telling you about these amazing ancient people and their culture.

One day in Ourika is like an entire travelling experience, it's full of emotions and impressions. There are so many wonders to see and so much to do. Come visit!
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8 hours
€290 for a group of 1-4 people

€220 (for up to 5 people) or €290 (for 6 to 16 people)

or €72 per each additional participant
Tickets for the museum, sculpture park, workshops and care treatments are not included in the cost and must be paid separately.
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On the way to the Ourika valley, we will stop by a beautiful park of modern sculptures and a nomadic market (available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). We'll find out how the news is broadcast in the mountains and why "sprinkle your head with ashes". We will watch how local storytellers, barbers, and charlatan doctors work. Or, instead of watching, we can even try it on ourselves :)

In the botanical garden, we can learn about native plants. Here, you can also have your hands painted with henna dye, bake bread the traditional way, take part in the production of Argan oil or visit a 'beauty salon'. Even at the age of eighty, the Ourika ladies look fantastic! Would you like a foot bath with an aromatic oil massage?! Even that is possible! Just let us know what you would like in advance.

We will walk through a pottery village and visit the former home of a local sheikh. We'll try to guess the purpose of some of the buildings and objects (and it's not as easy as you may think). We're certain you'll find some of the technology to be genius! If you like, we can arrange for you to make your own jug on a potter's wheel. We will visit the watermill by the river. Even today, it still supplies flour to local residents. We'll figure out how a prosperous house works.

We will reach a picturesque cascade of waterfalls. If we're lucky, we'll spot representatives of a very unusual species of the macaque monkey. On the way, we will see how the fine lace Alabaster carvings that decorate Morocco's palaces and mosques are created, we will try on national costumes and have a lavish photo session.

Throughout the whole trip, we will be telling you about the ancient people of the Atlas Mountains, their history, traditions, and beliefs. We will talk about the social, gender, and caste aspects of this culture. We will learn why such people "do not exist". And the story of this people's scripture is comparable to an excellent detective story! And, of course, we will find time to have lunch on the banks of the mountain river. If the weather is too hot, a table will be set up right in the water! Would you like to go to an ancient adobe fortress with an excellent garden restaurant, a lovely design collection, and a mind-blowing view of the valley? Just let us know in advance, so we can make reservations for you.
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Please note: You will need a shuttle transfer! Unless you are travelling in your own or a rental car. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use public transport for this trip. The cost of a full-day transfer is €220 (for up to 5 people) and €290 (for 6 to 16 people).

Tickets for the museum, sculpture park, workshops, and beauty treatments are not included and must be paid separately:
  • The African Contemporary Sculpture Garden costs €12 per person.
  • The master class on baking bread in a Berber oven - €10 per person.
  • Mini workshops on making pottery, Argan oil, etc. - €7 per person.
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