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Tailored Travel Itinerary: Detailed guidance, practical tips, maps, and links

The day has come: you've decided to take a vacation. How great! A moment worthy of a glass of champagne, when the trip dates are in the calendar, tickets are bought - and hooray! - you're going! Do you already picture yourself in a boat slowly sailing through the canals of Amsterdam? Or on a camel in the sandy dunes of the Sahara? Or at oyster farms in the Atlantic? Or maybe you've decided to explore the Balkan nature reserves and monasteries?

But where to start? Where can you learn about secret places that are incredibly beautiful, tasty, and interesting, but without crowds of tourists? Where should you turn off the highway onto a country road to avoid missing something magical? What should you bring back as a memory if you're already fed up with fridge magnets? And where can you find the time to discover all this information, check its relevance, and assemble it into a balanced, feasible, and exciting travel itinerary? We will select places that are most interesting specifically for you. We will tell you what to see, where to go, where to eat best, how to get there most efficiently, how much it will cost, and what events are happening during your trip, and we will complement everything with numerous valuable tips and hints.

You will receive a personalized travel plan of your ideal journey for all or selected days of your trip tailored to your interests, comfortable travel pace, budget, and even dietary preferences.

At the moment, we offer bespoke travel itineraries for all EU countries (France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, and others) plus UK, Serbia and Morocco. We are constantly expanding our list of destinations. If you are interested in a country not listed here, please contact us – we might be able to offer it. More destinations coming soon!

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EU (France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, and others), UK, Serbia, Morocco.
English, Russian

If you order 3 months in advance or earlier: €130 per day of the itinerary. Special offer: currently, the price is €110 with a discount of 15% applied.

For urgent orders (1,5-3 months in advance): €180 per day of the itinerary.
Do I Need a Custom Travel Itinerary?
Why Choose
We have been organizing travel for almost 10 years, created hundreds of tailor-made travel plans, and are proud that our score is 4.9/4.96 on any platform you find us. We know all the most interesting places in these destinations, always have the latest information, and will be happy to share all this with you.
What is included in my travel itinerary?
*All sites come with geolocation, opening hours, fee information, and a booking link (if necessary).
  • Interesting places*, from museums, and showrooms, to remote monasteries and castles, oyster farms, horse trekking, fascinating or unusual tours, and much more.
  • Recommendations for travels between route points*, from public transport, including duration and cost, to reliable places to rent cars/bicycles/boats/tandem/stroller/…
  • Maps to open on the phone to follow the routes with main points.
  • Recommendations for the most interesting cafes and restaurants* along the route.
  • Plenty of valuable tips, from local cultural features to what to bring with you and how to save money.
  • And even a mini-phrasebook to impress those around you.
How does custom trip planning work?
You fill out our questionnaire.
We prepare a draft of your tailored travel itinerary (5 working days).
If necessary, we arrange a call and discuss it. You make your adjustments in the draft and send it to us by email.
We prepare and send you a detailed itinerary of your ideal trip.
(Within 10 working days).
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