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We love the countries where we live. Therefore, we are passionately fascinated with their history and culture. Next to that, we love challenges! Nothing brings us more joy than hearing from the travelers before the tour starts: "We're already in Amsterdam / Marrakesh / Brussels / Hamburg for a week, and we don't like it here." ...and then seeing how their eyes light up during our tour and afterward, hearing them say: "It is the best city in the world. We will come back!"

But, our idea is not just about sharing our knowledge with you nor showing our favorite places. Actually, we would like to take you on an adventure, whether it's a group- or a private tour. It will be an exciting journey, full of unexpected acquaintances with amazing people and secret places. We, as Snurk.Travel guides are ready to change the course of the route anytime just because a tiny side street or an unusual-looking Cornershop suddenly catches your attention. We are happy to wander with you into secret courtyards, get acquainted with the owners of unique showrooms, try food in charming snack bars, and look for the most authentic pubs with live music. We can even climb the fences to search for some cool graffiti or go to watch the sunset at the best panoramic platform in the city!

If you are more of a calm person and prefer relaxed tours, don't be afraid. Adventure and improvisation come together, but, of course, improvisation is always better when it is carefully prepared.
Right now, we are actively publishing more tours on our website. We still have a multitude of various tours in the Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Hungary, and Morocco which we're gradually adding to our website. Would you like to know more about them? Please don't hesitate to contact us!
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