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The website "SNURK.TRAVEL" at snurk.travel (hereinafter "Website") is owned by Nastushka Princesska, Netherlands.

The Website provides an opportunity to receive information and book services.

This Agreement with the User (hereinafter "Agreement") describes the conditions for the provision of services through the company's website. The User of the Website (hereinafter "User") is the person using the services of the company.

The terms of the Agreement are considered valid at the time of confirmation by the User of their consent on the Website when completing the order. After confirmation by the User, the terms of the Agreement can not be amended. If no confirmation has been provided by the User, the Website administration reserves the right to change, add or delete paragraphs of this Agreement without notifying the User.

It is the personal responsibility of the User to stay informed about any changes to the Agreement.

The project provides the User with the following types of services:
  • access to information about services (such as excursions, transfers and escort) and their acquisition;
  • the ability to post messages and reviews;
  • payment for ordered services.
Information about the User is stored and processed by the Administration in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

The Website contains photographs, videos and texts, the right to ownership of which belongs to the Company or third parties that have granted such rights to the Company. Images released into the public domain with no restrictions on their use by the authors may be used by the Website administration for informational purposes or as accompanying materials only. If you find material on the Website that, in your opinion, violates your copyrights, please contact us at hi@snurk.travel indicating the page of the Website on which such material is posted. The Website administration will take the necessary measures to stop the violation of intellectual rights and exclude the material from the company's website.

The Company has the right to change or terminate the Website at any time without prior notice. The Company is not responsible for the non-compliance of the Website with the expectations of the User and his subjective assessments. If you do not agree with any of the aforementioned points, you have the right to refuse to use the Website.

The cost of services indicated on the Website can be changed by the Website administration unilaterally. The cost of services is valid from the time of pressing the payment button - indicated as "Pay" or any variation thereof - at the stage of placing an order and cannot be changed after the payment is completed. All prices on the website are indicated in Euros and include VAT.

After payment, the User receives a payment confirmation on the email which was indicated by said User.

The Website is connected to Stripe - the international internet acquiring service - where the User can pay for the ordered services using a Visa, Mastercard or an American Express credit card. After filling out the application, a secure window will open with the payment page of the Stripe processing centre, where the User must enter their bank card information to pay for the order. For additional cardholder authentication, the `3D Secure` protocol can be used. If a User's bank supports this technology, the User will be automatically redirected to the bank's server for additional identification. The User can inquire for more information about the rules and methods of additional identification with their bank.

Security guarantees of online-payment
The Stripe processing centre protects and processes the User's bank card data in accordance with the PCI DSS security standard and is certified to the highest level of the payment industry`s standard. Information is transmitted to the payment gateway using AES-256 encryption technology. Further transfers of information occur through closed banking networks, which have the highest level of reliability. The processing centre does not transmit the full data of the User's bank card to us or to any other third parties.

All payments are processed in accordance with PSD2 (the second directive on the provision of payment services of the European Union) and the requirements of SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), which entered into force on September 14, 2019.

The personal information provided by the User (name, phone number, e-mail, credit card information) for placing an order is confidential and not subject to disclosure. The User's credit card data is transmitted only in encrypted form and is not stored on our Web server. Data processing is carried out on a secure server provided by the Stripe processing company.

You can read more about Stripe security here.

In case you have any questions about the payment process, you can contact us at hi@snurk.travel.

Rules for making a deposit for services
After the User has selected the service that is of interest to them, they can reserve this service on the Website by clicking on the button to book the service - indicated as "Book", or any variation thereof. Then, after filling in all the necessary information in order to complete the payment, the User has to proceed with the payment for the service. After the payment, the tour is considered booked. Thereafter, all the information about the purchased service, including the exact meeting point, the contact information of the guide or driver, will be sent to the User`s email address, as indicated by the User when filling out the order form. The Website administration is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the information provided by the User when placing an order.

Change of reservation or refund of services

Any changes to the reservation are only possible upon agreement with the Website Administration. Confirmation of acceptance of the cancellation/change of the order will be sent to the email address which the User has provided when filling out the order form. A full refund of an excursion or a package of excursions can only be offered if the User notifies the Company at a minimum 7 days before the date of the excursion, or the date of the first tour in the package of excursions. In such a case, the Company is to offer a full refund of the cost and do so in a timely manner. In case of a cancellation of the tour less than 7 days before the date of the excursion, or the date of the first tour in the package of services, the deposit will not be refunded. In the event of force majeure (such as changes in legislation, natural disaster, emergency, epidemic, etc.), the conditions for the return of the deposit may be reviewed.

We are happy to answer your questions at: hi@snurk.travel

Activities in the Netherlands are carried out on behalf of the company:
Nastushka princesska
Email: hi@snurk.travel
Phone + 31 61 4409299
KvK Chamber of Commerce Registration Number: 66280923
Payer number; Btw: NL002516127B65
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