Your Own Amsterdam.
A Bike Tour Through City Markets

Amsterdam's life behind the curtains: feel like a real Amsterdammer

Discover Amsterdam's Local Markets: A Guided Bike Tour Experience

Imagine how enticing it would be to explore countries not as a passive observer and listener, but actively - immersing yourself in their life, becoming, albeit briefly, a local. Such experience offers incomparably more vivid impressions, emotions, and knowledge.

This is precisely why we created our bike tour of Amsterdam's local markets. It's designed for those who cherish the ideas of:
  • immersing in local culture
  • personal interaction with locals,
  • discovering not just the recognized landmarks but also local spots with real, vibrant life,
  • ecological awareness and sustainable tourism,
  • physical activity

We'll ride along the scenic canals and visit Amsterdam's most interesting local goods markets. Markets are the most honest, fun, and delicious way to learn about the cultural nuances of a country. We'll enjoy smoked eel and herring, sample the tastiest cheeses, find the best waffles in town, and taste oysters with a glass of wine right at a street stall. We'll meet locals and discover their stories, sometimes even more captivating than any adventure novel.

Gradually, we'll discover what it's like to be an Amsterdammer. How do locals raise children and celebrate holidays? How do they choose a profession or build a family? What do they find important? Are they happy, after all, to be Amsterdammers? Spoiler: sociological studies claim they are. So, a day filled with happiness and joy awaits us too. Join us!
(for a larger group €98 per each additional participant)

Bicycle rent (€ 15 per person), food and drinks are paid separately.
Type of tour:
On a day convenient for you
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4 hours
€390 for a group of 1-4 people

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What You'll See: Amsterdam Local Markets, Iconic Landmarks and Local Hidden Gems

We'll cycle to three of Amsterdam's local markets. Depending on the day of the week, these could be the local food, flea, book, flower, art, or hipster markets. Each is beloved by Amsterdammers who visit them to find the very best the city has to offer!

This route is incredibly picturesque. Biking allows us to cover nearly half the city and to see it from various angles. We'll ride along the shady embankments of Amsterdam's canals and over humpbacked bridges, and visit the ancient city center, slightly younger and trendy districts, and a luxurious mansion area.

We will also explore numerous iconic landmarks and local hidden gems:
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral;
  • The Medieval Weigh House;
  • The cityscape painted by Claude Monet;
  • Secret courtyards;
  • Rembrandt's house;
  • The Jewish Quarter;
  • The Amsterdam best flea market, especially vibrant on Sunday and Saturday;
  • The Portuguese Synagogue;
  • The Canal Ring;
  • Albertcuypmarkt - the largest daily food market in Europe;
  • The Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum;
  • Examples of 20th-century Amsterdam School architecture.
This Amsterdam secret food tour is rich in impressions, beautiful views, new knowledge, and flavors. We've created it with love and the wish to share all this happiness with you!

What You'll Learn: Uncover the Secrets of Amsterdam with Our Unique Food and Flea Markets Tour

During this Amsterdam street food tour, we'll primarily share insights into the lives of locals. We'll discuss what life is like in this country, what issues concern its inhabitants, which traditions are firmly established here and which are fading into the past, what holidays there are, and how they are celebrated. We'll tell you about healthcare and education, the lives of farmers and ex-pats, social benefits, inclusivity, attitudes toward animals, the climate crisis, and much, much more. And of course, we'll debunk some stereotypes.

All these stories will be told through the lens of Dutch gastronomic traditions. There's no more genuine way to learn about a country's life than through its cuisine. And certainly, you'll hear numerous stories from the lives of ordinary Amsterdammers - astonishing, touching, and humorous.

This is a personalized tour so, we'll talk about what interests you, regardless. But we can definitely promise that after this tour, Amsterdam will remain in your heart forever.

What You'll Experience
with our Amsterdam Secret Food and Local Market Tour

We'll taste everything delicious, unusual, and interesting from the local goods market in Amsterdam. And it's not just herring, smoked eel, oysters, sea urchins, and freshly baked waffles, but also Vietnamese lumpia, fries with peanut sauce, and—for the truly daring—raw meat, among many other things!

  • Let's see how the best Dutch waffles are made and discover their ingredients.
  • We'll meet their biggest fan and main quality evaluator.
  • We'll find amazing treasures in the flea market: Vintage clothing and antique furniture to Delftware, 17th-century household items, and vinyl records.
  • We'll learn to joke and haggle in Dutch.
  • We'll discover modern frescoes and "read" what they narrate.
And we'll do many other fun things.

All this travel through local food and flea markets will be accompanied by stories about how the city and its residents live today. We'll end our walk feeling as if we've spent this beautiful day just like any other locals. And, as if by magic, we'll become part of this beautiful city.

* We highly recommend joining the "Your Own Amsterdam. Unexpected Treasures of the City" sightseeing tour before this one. And of course, don't forget to ride a bike around the city or its surroundings, sail on a boat and go to the North Sea islands.

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