19th century Amsterdam:
The Birth of the Modern World
From Napoleon to Van Gogh: revolutions, social rights, nations, and art.

Private Bike Tour in Amsterdam:
A Personal Journey Through the 19th Century

This bike tour is about nineteenth-century Amsterdam. It was a tremendously vibrant time when, after a long period of stagnation and a century of hibernation, the country suddenly awakened and surged forward with full force - out of slums, impoverished villages, remarkably outdated technology, and, by Dutch standards, a monstrous level of stratification. This surge was so intense that the country once again became one of the most advanced economies in the world. And in such tumultuous times, not only did brilliant discoveries, extraordinary accomplishments, and noble deeds take place, but also considerably less admirable events. So we'll also talk about how architects, politicians, artists, activists, writers, and kings collaborated to achieve many amazing things for the country and even the world. We'll also explore the attempted suppression of the Belgian revolution by the Netherlands and the country's colonial policies. Most importantly, we will see how interconnected the various fields of human activity were. And how out of all this, in a very logical manner, a new world was born - the world we live in now.

On this bike tour of Amsterdam, you will see almost the whole city center and a myriad of exciting places that cannot be covered on a walking tour. That is why we also highly recommend it as a sightseeing tour, after which you can easily navigate through Amsterdam's intricate streets, canals, and sights.

(for a larger group €98 per each additional participant)

Bicycle rental (€15 per person), food and drinks are payable separately.

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4 hours
€390 for a group of 1-4 people

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Together, we will journey with you from Amsterdam Central Station. We'll see St Nicholas Cathedral, the old city hall that was turned into a royal palace, the bell tower that inspired Claude Monet, a monument to Rembrandt, and the home of Amsterdam's first female doctor. We will see the first Heineken brewery and the lavish International Theatre of Amsterdam. We'll cruise along the scenic Singel Canal, stop at the Waterlooplein flea market, and take a break in Vondelpark, the favorite park of not only Amsterdammers but also Indian ringneck parrots! We will visit the Museum square, the luxurious Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Royal Concertgebouw, one of the world's top three symphony halls. And those are just the major, well-known places. We can't even count how many picturesque canals, bridges, and houses we'll encounter on our breathtaking journey, each with a story of its own.

And throughout the tour, we will tell you how the modern world was born. We will talk about the revolutions that changed European society, colonialism, industrialization, and the economy. We will explore the ideas of nationalism and patriotism of the time, new rights for different social classes, and new directions in art!

This route covers almost the entire old town. And if we get tired of the excitement, we'll stop at a café - with excellent coffee and a delicious apple pie. Come and visit!
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