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Texel: A Day Without Time
A day full of pure happiness for all those who are tired of cities

Your Unforgettable Texel Island Experience:
Sandy Beaches, Seals, Lighthouse, Farms, and so Much More!

Texel is full of grass- and heather-covered dunes and fields of brightly-blooming tulips, daffodils and lavender. An island full of white sheep, seals, horses grazing in the mist and countless flocks of birds. Tiny villages with windmills, ice cream carts, and horse-drawn wagons, just like in a children's fairy tale. At the harbour, there is a boardwalk, fishing nets, old rowboats, shabby boats of hard-working fishermen and a bright red lighthouse. There, you can hear the heavy northern sea, rolling gently over the faint white sand, with its muffled but soothing rumble. It's a gorgeous place with no horizons, where the sky and sea fade into one another. It's where you can't tell if the sky is reflected in the seawater or the other way around. Or, maybe they don't exist separately, but as one - a kind of water-sky. And there, rooted firmly in the centre, you might spot the tiny island of Texel. There is no such thing as time here. It got left behind on the mainland, together with its bustle, with plans for tomorrow and the day after, with all the vague, unclear and hasty thoughts and unsaid words about something important. All of that can wait a day or two for our return. For now, there is only the sea and the sky. And something else - something very, very important.

Type of tour:
On a day convenient for you
At a time convenient for you
6 hours
€650 for a group of 1-4 people

(for a larger group €163 per each additional participant)
Transfer, bike rental, hotel on the island, entrance to museums, farms, workshops and tastings are not included in the price.
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We'll visit a dune reserve and salt marshes. We will see many rare birds and, with a bit of luck, watch as they mate or raise their young. We will spot endemic plants that can't be found anywhere else worldwide. Depending on the time of year, we may see some wild orchids, heather or tulips blossoming.

We'll definitely visit the Marine Animal Shelter to meet earless and fur seals and perhaps participate in feeding them. We will check out the aquarium with its fauna of the Wadden Sea, full of creatures big and small, from sharks to shrimp. We'll visit a "smart" farm where cows live practically on their own. We'll also visit a cheese factory or smokehouse, a windmill, a small brewery or a winery - yes, even in the middle of the Northern Sea, they still grow grapes and make delicious wine, and the beer on the island is simply excellent! We'll visit a llama farm and take plenty of selfies with sheep! Depending on the day of the week, we might see herding dogs at work, or cheese, wine or beer being produced. And, of course, we will be tasting everything!

We can visit the tropical greenhouses with giant butterflies and brightly-coloured birds, or we can stop by the small but very cute Ethnomuseum. We will visit the island's capital and go for a walk through designer shops with all sorts of lovely items, or we can head to a fishing village. If you like, we can visit the Maritime Museum with a lavish seventeenth-century layout of shipping lanes and detailed replicas of sailing ships and harbour towns.

We will stroll along the spectacular beach to the lighthouse and the filming location of the movie 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'. While we're there, let's watch the sunset over the North Sea. Afterwards, we'll have dinner at a wonderful fish restaurant. We'll surely be sampling fish and seafood all day long. We can even go shrimp fishing ourselves! But we'll have to wake up very early for that.

Please note!
Since each farmer has his own schedule, this programme is flexible. It depends on the season, the day of the week, holidays, weather and above all else, your personal interests and the amount of time you have on the island.
You can take this tour by bicycle or car for 1 or 2 days. Of course, we'll see half as much in one day. But even then, what we'll see in that one day is also a real gem!

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This tour is available by bicycle or car.

Option 1: By bicycle
We'll meet you in Den Helder, take the ferry, and rent bicycles on the island. We recommend renting electric bicycles that way, you can move at a comfortable pace and see as much as possible. If you prefer to ride regular bikes, that's also possible, but please remember that we won't manage to see as much as we would using electric bikes. Also, please consider that the weather can be very windy, which may impact your ability to cycle comfortably and limit the number of sights we can see. If that doesn't bother you, we would be happy to explore the island with you using regular bikes and at a relaxed pace.

Duration of the tour: 6 hours
Tour guide fee: €650 for 1-4 people or €130 per person if there are more of you.

The bicycle rental and ferry fees are payable separately:
€14.5 (regular bike) / €25.5 (electric bike) per person, per day,
€2,5 per person for the ferry.

If you wish, we can arrange a transfer for you from Amsterdam to the ferry in Den Helder and back. When in Texel, we will go exploring by bicycle.

Option 2: By car
We will meet you in Amsterdam and drive to the island by car. The actual tour will start on Texel and be conducted by car, with stops at the most scenic and exciting places.

Duration of the entire trip: 10 hours.
Duration of the tour itself: 6 hours.
Tour guide fee: €650 for 1-4 people or €163 per person if there are more of you.
The price of the transfer in V Class/Volkswagen (up to 4-6 people) is €980.

The ferry and all parking facilities are also included in the price.
If you would like a luxury car, that can be arranged, just write to us about it in advance.
Perhaps, you still have some questions. This is what we get asked about most of the time.

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