Your Own Amsterdam and its Surroundings. Everything Everywhere All at Once
A Journey to Experience the Maximum in One Day: from the Muiderslot castle to the multicultural district

Amsterdam & Countryside Bike Tour:
Exploring the City, a Medieval Castle, Farms and More

This tour has it all! And right away! Beloved Amsterdam houses with their tiled roofs, a medieval castle and a modern one, tiny old towns that look like illustrations from a fairy tale book, windmills, a craft brewery in a cathedral, Christian churches and a mosque, military forts, amusing monuments, farms with sheep and llamas. We will also see the luxurious Amsterdam district built with money from the colonies. But there will also be a previously disadvantaged neighborhood that transforms before your eyes into a well-maintained and trendy area. We will encounter forests and fields, lakes, and beaches along the way.

This is an absolutely incredible tour! If you only have a couple of days in Amsterdam, we highly recommend choosing this one for the second day, right after the tour of the old city center. You'll see and learn so much that you couldn't discover even in months of living in this marvelous country. And your friends will definitely envy your photos!

Type of tour:
On a day convenient for you
At a time convenient for you
8 hours

(for a larger group €150 per each additional participant)

Bicycle rental (€15 per person), food and drinks are payable separately.
€600 for a group of 1-4 people
(for a larger group €168 per each additional participant)

€670 for a group of 1-4 people
Without a visit to the Muiderslot castle from the inside:
Including a visit to the Muiderslot castle from the inside:
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We will meet in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Amsterdam.
  • We'll see a unique example of a luxurious country estate and an entire village engulfed by the city;
  • We'll visit the medieval Muiderslot Castle and explore the fortifications of Amsterdam's defense line;
  • We'll visit a farm and learn about the innovative agriculture in the country and about the lives of Dutch farmers. And, of course, we won't miss the opportunity to hug some alpacas. There we can buy some farm cheese, ice cream, or strawberries and have a picnic by the shores of a massive man-made lake that was once part of the North Sea;
  • We'll explore the enchanting towns of Weesp and Muiden, discovering unique monuments and learning about the current production of Dutch windmills;
  • In an old cathedral, we'll get acquainted with traditional Dutch cuisine, and if you wish, we can taste some excellent beer from a local brewery;
  • On our way back, we'll pass through multicultural neighborhoods and observe how previously less prosperous areas transform into modern and fashionable places for living. We'll visit an energy-efficient mosque and an impressive modern castle. We'll discuss the country's efforts to address segregation, revitalization projects for entire districts, social initiatives, and the issue of gentrification;
  • And in one of the special parks, we'll witness how the Netherlands grapples with its colonial past.
It's a truly stunning route. Our journey will take us along the lake's edge, through sheep-dotted fields, forests, parks, and gardens. If you enjoy photography, please bring your camera!

The bike route covers a distance of 35-40 km. We'll have stops approximately every 15-20 minutes, sometimes for quite a while, so you won't feel tired. The route doesn't require any special physical preparation.
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