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Jordaan: The Atmosphere of Old Holland

A tour of the cosiest and most authentic area of Amsterdam
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If you really want to get to know Amsterdam, then you are definitely in the right place. Here lives the soul of the city, its memory, traditions and sense of humour. And its future is being born here as well.

Here one can find everything that Amsterdamers protect from the eyes of leisure tourists - small courtyards and local shops; residents, comfortably accommodating themselves with a cup of coffee or a newspaper under the sun on their porches; the most delicious Saturday market in the city; underground passages and even dragons. And more than enough cosy canals and nice art galleries here as well.

We will also look for tiny lilliputian houses, get lost in the labyrinths of an exclusive designer hotel, get acquainted with a family of mice and ride a unicorn. We will simply enjoy ourselves! Come along!

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This tour is about the real Amsterdam, not the grand facade city. It is not about the life of aristocrats or historical figures, but the most ordinary citizens. We will talk about riots, social problems and ways of solving them, about protecting the rights of women, shaping a national character and how architecture is capable of saving a country from a revolution. We will get acquainted with corsairs and circus artists. We will see how the love of art influenced the transformation of a difficult district into a bohemian and most popular residential area. We will also learn to distinguish a native Jordaaner from any other resident of the city.

Following the Jordaaners, we will find out where to look for the most delicious apple pie, the recipe of which has been carefully preserved for several centuries; how to find a hidden cathedral; what organ-grinders sing about; where to buy famous designer furniture; what to drink in old "brown bars" and what to eat after that drink. We will learn to sing the local chanson, the words of which every Dutchman knows, and learn to understand the varieties of farm cheese.

In addition, we will certainly try some smoked eel and herring. In case our tour takes place on Saturday, then we will also be able to take a look at the best farmers' market in the city - for wine, cheese and oysters.
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