Your Own Amsterdam.
Jordaan: The Atmosphere of Old Holland

A tour of the cosiest and most authentic area of Amsterdam

Explore the Heart of Amsterdam:
Private Guided Culture and Food Tour in Jordaan

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If you want to get to know Amsterdam better, this local tour in Jordaan is for you. Here lives the soul of the city, its memory, traditions, and sense of humor. And here, Amsterdam's tomorrow is born.

Here, you can discover what Amsterdamers keep hidden from the eyes of leisure tourists. Small courtyards and local shops, residents relaxing with a cup of coffee or a newspaper in the sun on their porches, the most delicious Saturday market in the city, the best bars, underground passages, even dragons, and plenty of cozy canals and art galleries.

Jordaan has its own legends and heroes, its unique fashion and music, festivals, customs, and a very special Jordaan character. We might even come across a sign claiming: "Jordaan is not Amsterdam," but, of course, it is. Indeed, what would Amsterdam be without Jordaan?!

We're passionate about this neighborhood and can't wait to show it to you! The experience is incredibly interesting, fun, delicious, and cozy here. Come and see!
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Discover the Highlights:
Jordaan Local Delicacies and Cultural Insights

During our local Amsterdam tour, we'll discover all the main attractions of Jordaan, such as
  • the former West India Company building and Homomonument;
  • several cathedrals and a secret church;
  • houseboats and art nouveau houses;
  • hidden courtyards known as 'hofjes' and iconic art galleries.
We'll see the locks with real cannons, find the narrowest house and one of the oldest bars in the city, a floating cat shelter, and a "Wonder Emporium." We'll stroll down one of the most interesting shopping streets of Amsterdam and peek into a district with the tastiest restaurants and pastry shops.

If time allows, we'll reach an old factory producing typical Dutch spirits, complete with a charming shop. And, of course, we'll taste the best local delicacies along the way. This area offers so much that our tour will turn into a real culinary adventure—an Amsterdam food tour in Jordaan. If our tour takes place on a Saturday, we'll also visit the most delicious local market.

Uncover the Stories:
Culture, History, Traditions, and Modernity

What monster has been terrorizing the residents of Amsterdam for centuries? How can architecture prevent a revolution? Why decorate bicycles with flowers? When does a love for alcoholic beverages bring only benefits?

This tour is about the real unvarnished Amsterdam, not the lives of aristocrats nor historical figures, but ordinary citizens. We'll discuss the astonishing past of this unique district, its rebellions, social issues and their solutions, women's rights, and the formation of the national character. We'll see how a love for art transformed a troubled neighborhood into a bohemian and one of the most desirable places to live. We'll learn to distinguish a true Jordaan resident from any other city dweller. Since this is a private tour, we'll focus on what interests you the most.

Engage and Experience:
Local Tastes and Interactive Activities

All our Amsterdam tours are provided by locals. That's why we know exactly where to find the tastiest apple pie, a recipe treasured for centuries, and the hidden cathedral, what to drink in the old brown bars and how to complement it, and what the street organ players sing about. We'll learn to sing a local chanson, known to every Dutch person, master the art of starting a scuffle :), discern various types of farmer's cheese, and definitely taste herring and eel. If our tour is on a Saturday, we'll also visit the best farmers market in the city for wine, cheese, and oysters.

Additionally, we'll get lost in the labyrinths of a designer hotel, find the city's tiniest monument, meet corsairs, and take stunning photos in the most picturesque spots. And we'll be happy! Come and join us!

* We highly recommend joining the "Your Own Amsterdam. Unexpected Treasures of the City" sightseeing tour before this one. And, of course, don't forget to cycle around the city or its surroundings and enjoy a canal cruise. This experience is not to be missed! After all, we are in Amsterdam!

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