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In this tour, we've gathered the main symbols of Amsterdam. But that's not all. The route along the front facades and monuments doesn't let you feel the city's soul. What makes you truly fall in love with Amsterdam is its' hidden gems, such as humpback bridges, cozy courtyards, friendly gatherings on stoops with a bottle of good wine, secret chapels with charming names, a tucked-away book market, and the scent of freshly baked cookies that we'll surely try.

Amsterdam we love is about savoring a cup of fine coffee by a picturerious canal with a boatman organist sailing around, wonderful people designing hotels for worms, or creating workplaces for those with mental peculiarities. Amsterdam's Soul is also about green parrots flying to the balcony in stormy February, promising spring and inevitable happiness. The atmosphere of this city brims with joy, and so does our tour!

Book your tickets, pack your bags, and come visit us! We are very much looking forward to meeting you!

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Discover the Highlights: Amsterdam's Iconic Sights and Hidden Gems

On this panoramic tour of Amsterdam, we'll explore all the main attractions, such as
  • the Royal Palace,
  • Dam Square,
  • the medieval Weigh House,
  • Begijnhof,
  • the floating flower market,
  • the former East India Company building,
  • The Basilica of Saint Nicholas,
  • and the oldest house in the city.
We'll see the gorgeous panoramic view, and, of course, taste the best Dutch cheese or herring. But we'll also discover several unusual spots, zealously guarded by locals from the tourist eyes, where the soul and charm of this magical city truly dwell. These are the best hidden gems in Amsterdam: secret courtyards in the heart of the tourist area, quirky art installations, a hidden chapel, galleries, haunted houses, and much more.

Uncover the Stories:
Culture, History, Traditions, and Modernity

Would you like to know what's hidden in Dutch cathedrals? Or how the Dutch king makes extra money? What about one of the earliest cases of industrial espionage? Or how to devise an advertising strategy that costs nothing and has been working flawlessly for half a millennium?

We'll reveal how this country emerged remarkably, how its unique national character has been shaped over centuries, and how Amsterdam lives today. But that's not all. It is a private tour, so we'll focus on what interests you, whether it is legends, economics, education, architecture, ecology, counterculture, or fantastic innovative projects. And, of course, we'll discuss how Amsterdammers lived in the past or today. What do they value? What does bring them joy or concern? How do they raise their children or celebrate holidays? And we'll explore how they are similar to or differ from residents of other Dutch cities.

Engage and Experience:
Local Tastes and Interactive Activities

  • Of course, we'll taste the city's finest: cheeses, local snacks, herring, eel or oysters, the best cookies, chocolate or pie, beer, or traditional Dutch 'tea.'
  • We'll also view the city from a bird's-eye perspective, find an art object that changed many lives, meet guinea pigs, and discover the narrowest houses.
  • We'll debunk several myths about the Netherlands and hunt for local ghosts.
  • And, of course, we'll take great photos in the most picturesque spots.
  • At the tour's end, we'll share many must-visit places in magical Amsterdam, which you can explore on your own.
This is our tour program, and we promise that you will never forget it! We hope to see you soon!

We highly recommend joining the "Your Own Holland. Rotterdam: Travel to the Future" sightseeing tour after this one to experience a completely different side of the Netherlands - modern and dynamic. And, of course, don't forget to cycle around the city or its surroundings, and enjoy a canal cruise. This experience is not to be missed! After all, we are in Amsterdam!

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