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Your Own Amsterdam Noord.
A City You Did Not Know About

A bike tour around Amsterdam Noord: innovations, modern architecture and street culture

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4 hours
€ 212 for a group of 1-4 people

(for a larger group € 53 per each additional participant)

This bike tour of northern Amsterdam would suit those who want to see the city from a completely different perspective: modern, innovative, creative and a bit anarchic; those who like the idea of combining it with a bike ride and to feel like a real Amsterdamer.

There are no humpbacked bridges, 17th-century houses, Red Light District or canals here. Instead, there is something else that makes the city vibrant, full of ideas, and does not allow it to plunge into a steady measured life. Practically every square metre is packed with fantastic innovations and art clusters, environmental projects and social initiatives. The caring attitude of the Dutch people towards their centuries-old traditions is surprisingly combined with an irrepressible passion for new technologies and art. Most of these amazing places are hidden from bypassers in abandoned shipyards or former industrial areas. Northern Amsterdam is a real hidden gem only for those who know about it. And therefore even more cherished by the locals.

This tour of a completely different Amsterdam might become one of the most unforgettable adventures of your trip to the Netherlands. Should we go?

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Would you like to see unexpectedly comfortable apartments, luxury designer hotels or fashion clubs made out of building cranes, trams, ferries or port containers, located right in the bay? Or how do you like the idea of visiting some artists' workshops or developing your own business project for an abandoned submarine that arrived here from the Soviet Union and has become a symbol of the area?

During our cycling tour of Amsterdam, we will see beautiful examples of modern architecture, a floating district and a self-contained eco-village. Let's have look at the life of the inhabitants of the former silo, which was turned overnight into impressive housing. We will learn how the national love for potatoes helps the development of the city and what is the future of 3D-house-printing.

We will talk about modern architecture and how Amsterdammers are settling in the former industrial zones, about green energy and marine skyscrapers, about eco-friendly and innovative projects, about contemporary art and its role in the development of social projects and much, much more. It is going to be a wonderful walk! Should we go?
How many days in advance should you book a private tour?
It's advisable to decide on tours you would like to take as early as possible, ideally to book them right after buying your airplane tickets. That way we will make sure we have a guide for you and our meeting will definitely take place :) If you make a last-minute decision to take a tour, do not hesitate to contact us either. We will do our best to arrange a guide for you to show you the country.
Where and when do we meet?
We will definitely agree on it well in advance! Then, two days before the tour date, a reminding email with the name and the phone number of your guide, the exact location of the meeting point and its photo will be sent to you. Please do not miss this letter. Thanks! :)
Can you plan a multi-day program for me?
Sure. We love to plan individual programs more than anything else. In addition to our existing tours, a boat or a yacht trip could be included; a hot air balloon flight, designer shops and art gallery tours, various workshops, tastings, university tours, castle visiting and much, much more. In addition, we adore arranging multi-day bicycle trip programs around the country. Arranging an individual program is a paid service. Let us know your personal wishes and we will do our best to make it happen!
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We are happy to show you the city! Please send us a message and we will reply to you tomorrow!:)
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