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Rotterdam: Travel to the Future

Fantastic architecture, innovations, and life in one of the most modern cities in the world
Rotterdam is the city from your wildest dreams! It is the place where people prefer to travel 10 meters above the ground level while chickens, cows, and even busses can swim and the cherry trees can bear fruit during the winter. The locals wear clothing made of orange peel, use jewelry to purify the air, and outsource the cleaning chores to drones. It is a large playground where you can find lots of incredibly massive prefabricated or environmentally sustainable buildings. With the help of quite an unusual architecture, design, or even street-art in Rotterdam, they reach multiple important goals, such successful socialization programs for people with law convictions as an example. Hundreds of other environmental, technical, and social experiments are taking place here at the same time. Everything here is so different from the rest of the world. The Rotterdammers embrace these unique local features as something that makes their lives more comfortable and less monotonous.

We highly recommend this tour to those who are interested not only in history, but also in modern times, urbanism, architecture, and technological innovations. Do not miss this opportunity to have a journey into the future!
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During our private tour around Rotterdam, we will see striking wonders of modern architecture, such as the Cube Houses, the "lego" building, an arched house with a vibrant market under its roof, a futuristic church, the Central Station, the Erasmus Bridge, and much more. We will find the world's largest artwork and visit the garden designed by Piet Oudolf - one of the most famous landscape designers. We will see the old harbor as well as the cathedral and will stroll around above the ground. Of course, we will also enjoy multiple tastings! :)

We will talk about different ecological, technological, and social experiments and discuss architecture, urbanism, concepts of sustainable development, and discuss the roles of public initiatives and social organizations in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is one of the best places to learn about the cohabitation of humans and nature in the urban setting.

We also want to show you that Rotterdam has a great sense of humor. Floating jacuzzi, unique amphibian bus, harbor attractions for kids, and funny street sculptures will give you that impression! Besides, we will discover plenty of incredibly cozy spots that you never expect to see in such a modern city. We recommend spending at least a couple of days in Rotterdam and continue exploring all the fascinating places we would tell you about during our tour.
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