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Tour of Rotterdam's Street Art. From Vandals to Picasso

Street art in all its forms: graffiti, murals, street installations and sculptures!

Discover Rotterdam's Street Art: A Guided Urban Canvas Tour

Rotterdam is always looking towards the future! The proof of this is the skyscrapers, the epitome of scientific thought, and the phenomenal leap that this city has made in the last 70 years. But beyond its large-scale projects, fantastic architecture, and groundbreaking innovations, the city harbors another equally intriguing side—street art in Rotterdam that lives its own life. And once you lift the veil, you will realize how many interesting, fascinating, and important things it was hiding.

Rotterdam is literally breathing street art. From classic graffiti to street installations, from large murals to tiny mosaics—Rotterdam has it all. There's room for both anonymous vandals and great Picasso. Rotterdam's street art is an incredible storyteller, and it will unveil the most astonishing, touching, and fascinating stories unknown to anyone else. Rotterdam street art tour offers a fantastic opportunity to explore these visual narratives up close. We invite you to dive into this enthralling world!

Type of tour:
On a day convenient for you
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3 hours
€320 for a group of 1-4 people

(for a larger group €80 per each additional participant)

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Discover the Highlights:
Iconic Murals, Street Sculptures, and Open-Air Museum

Join us on a captivating Rotterdam street art tour. Here's what awaits you:

  • We'll start our journey at the train station, immediately witnessing how the city communicates with its residents through art.
  • We'll head into a pretty historical hip-hop neighborhood filled with relevant stories, energy, and, of course, an abundance of street art. We'll encounter works by local artists: the genre classics, Brazilian street art luminaries, and outsider artists.
  • We'll wander through an outdoor art museum stretching across the city center and encounter many beautiful, witty, funny, or even provocative sculptures created by recognized masters of the last century and contemporary artists worldwide.
  • We'll definitely visit Chinatown. We'll assemble an entire "zoo," and drop by a real Rotterdam Giant to compare heights. Perhaps, we'll find a 3D mural or become part of one of the installations.
  • We'll stroll down the city's oldest shopping street, adorned with Art Nouveau facades.
  • We'll visit the concrete island of skaters and meet its stone guardian.
  • Finally, we'll explore the city's oldest bar street, which is literally sprinkled with street art and art galleries and brimming with wonderful stories that reveal more about the city than any history book could.

Uncover the Stories:
Art, Community, and Contemporary Life

What stories lie behind Rotterdam's most famous murals? Why are provocations necessary? What is the Dutch sense of humor? Let's talk about it!

We'll definitely talk about how Rotterdam's street art fits into the city's urban concept and how locals interact with it. Let's explore how contemporary art in Rotterdam, including street art, reflects social and cultural changes happening in the world, the country, and the city. We'll see how it responds to various social, political, and environmental issues and sometimes even helps solve them. And we'll discuss many more interesting topics!

Engage and Experience:
Local Tastes and Activities

On this tour, we'll briefly become part of an installation and even climb a wall (photos are a must!). We'll learn how to declare love with spray cans and why someone named Melly hates her job. We'll search for leprechauns and try to figure out how a giant crow is supposed to protect the city's inhabitants. Along the way, we'll capture some outstanding photographs. And, of course, we'll taste various delicious things, including street food Rotterdam is famous for, and have coffee or beer in a special place. At the tour's end, we'll recommend many more things to see in Rotterdam and across the Netherlands you can visit afterward.

* We suggest planning at least one/two-day trip to Rotterdam. This way, after the Rotterdam street art tour, you'll have plenty of time to explore all the incredible spots we'll tell you about. Also, don't miss the opportunity to visit fabulous cities nearby—Delft and The Hague.

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