Your Own Holland. Delft: A Treasure Chest With a Secret
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Walking Tour in Delft: Unveiling Treasures
in the City's Heart

If you wonder how did the Lower Lands look 4 centuries ago during the Northern Renaissance, then you cannot miss Delft. Other Dutch cities deserve attention as well but it is Delft's city centre that survived throughout the centuries and stayed unchanged to this day. Delft is a quintessence of the history of the Dutch Kingdom. Delft is a mix of the country's past and future. Delft is a perfect collage of religion, arts, scientific developments and the history of the Dutch Royal family. There is also a rich history of privateering, scams and intrigues, feats and heroism. If you are curious about at least one of those, then you cannot miss Delft.

If you like lazy walks, visiting the fish market or enjoying the views of windmills far from all the crowds and fuss, then Delft is a must-see. If you enjoy the charm of old engravings or appreciate fine china, then there is no better place to visit. Not to mention the amazing photos you can take here! At times we wonder how Delft is not the most tourist-filled city of the Netherlands. But whatever the reason is, we have to use this fact to our advantage:)

Delft is so close to The Hague and Rotterdam that you can easily visit either of them after our tour. The magnificent village of Kinderdijk, which is filled with windmills, is also not far away.

It is also the place where the famous Delft china is made. Here you will also find the cosiest canals covered with green duckweed. Not to mention…
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We will meet at the new and extremely interesting railway station and immediately take you to the Dutch Golden Age.We will visit the medieval monastery on Prinsenhof, "Leaning Tower of Pisa" and brutal northern cathedrals. We can also get up the bell tower and see The Hague, Rotterdam and the Northern Seabank. We will also get to see the Dutch East India Company's office and its storages, the old Town Hall, a historic orphanage, the Weigh House. We will also see the city's gates, located at the heart of Delft, and the smallest art gallery in the world. We will stop by the fish market to try herring and oysters as well as different varieties of cheeses and chocolates. Nobody is stopping you from enjoying some beer as well- fortunately, there are hundreds of sorts of beers available. We will come by the old drugstore and the unusual hotel, we will get to know a parrot and will even sing together. Of course, we will also stop by and explore various shops, courtyards and alleys which hold a lot of surprises within them

Undoubtedly, you cannot visit Delft without hearing about Vermeer and the Golden Age paintings. You will also get to know about the House of Orange-Nassau, Delftware, colonial politics and privateers. But since it's an individual tour, we would be happy to tailor it to your specific interests. Whether your interests are in Dutch history, lives of medieval monasteries, constant fight with water, modern life, innovative technologies, national cuisine, ecological and social projects - we would be happy to adjust.

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