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Haarlem: A Tour Around Unusual Places
For those who love historical cities but aren't keen on the hustle and bustle of the touristic routes

A Day in Haarlem: A Walking Tour of Hidden Gems and Local Secrets

Did you read fairy tales as a child? Silly question, of course you did! Then you will definitely recognize Haarlem from the first glance! It is a place where wizards live, pretending to be the watchmaker masters; unicorns clatter at night and all the millers bequest cunning puss in boots to their sons.

However, there are plenty of magical towns in the Netherlands! Why specifically Haarlem? In addition to beauty, high density of attractions per unit area, this city has a lot of advantages! Perhaps, you won't be able to find another city with so many secret yards and little streets that are so dear to your heart, leading to an almshouse or even the Red Light District. If you turn off the main road, you won't find any tourists! And certainly, not everywhere the knightly orders are alive, but their representatives are still strolling nonchalantly among us. Moreover, you can find excellent beer which is brewed inside one of Haarlem's cathedrals, or walk through the farmer's market, which is considered to be the best in the province - and those are just little treats.

Haarlem is only 15 minutes away from Amsterdam Centraal by train. And in the same 15 minutes - through the dune reserve - from the North Sea. By the way, we have a nice bike tour around the dune reserve.
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We will meet each other in Haarlem at one of the most beautiful train stations of the country. We are going to find street sculpture, say "hello" to the witch Malle-Balle, the heroic Kenau and other Haarlem residents. We will visit picturesque courtyards (hofjes) and discuss the history of charity, social initiatives and public organizations.

We will visit magnificent mansions, which belonged to the richest merchants. In the modern time these are not only museums, but cute shops and lovely cafes. We will see the old weight chamber, cathedrals and the residence of the Knights Hospitallers. We will talk about their connection to religion, about modern use of religious buildings, about aristocracy and also about modern art. We will tell you how Haarlem became one of the most important cities in the country and why there is "Harlem" in New-York!

Making our way through narrow alleys and the local Red Light District, we will get to the luxurious market square with an incredible town hall building, meat guild and St. Bavo's Cathedral. Once upon a time, Mozart and Mendelssohn played on its organ! If we will be lucky to get there on Saturday, we will then have a walk around the picturesque market, taste delicious cheese and Dutch herring, while listening to the sound of bells. If you wish, we can later visit a windmill or a church where beer masters create great beer for joyful guests!

This is an individual tour, that is why we will be telling you everything that interests you: country's history, Dutch economy, local traditions, innovations, design, traditional cuisine, art, social and ecological projects etc. We guarantee that after all you will have a clear image about the country and local people.

It takes 15 minutes to get to the North Sea from Harlem by train. However the best way is to go there by bike which can be rented after our Harlem tour. The bike route will go through dunes with pine trees, lakes and heather, among which Highland cattles graze and curious little rabbits jump out to stare at you. We can even go together, we have a tour like this!
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