Your Own Holland. Haarlem, the Coastal Dunes and the North Sea

Little by little: history, gastronomy, beautiful landscapes and the sea. On foot and by bike

It is one of our favourite tours. We designed it for everyone, who are tired of the city bustle; and for those, who do not have a lot of time, but wish to see as much as possible. Or maybe the soul simply does not wish to spend time on many-hours tours around specific cities, but just wants a little bit of everything: admire the old houses and other beauties around, be amazed, enjoy life, try all sorts of delicacies, ride a bike among pine trees and heather dunes, do a cartwheel along a beach or drink fresh coffee by the sea; and at the same time, wishing to know something about the country. If so, this tour is definitely for you!

This tour has one more hidden meaning! During our adventures we often try to see the most famous museums and most popular attractions. However, nature also has a huge impact on the formation of the national character and traditions. In half a day we will explore the Netherlands from many different perspectives. And the image will become much more voluminous, solid, sometimes unpredictable, but very pretty and fascinating.
€320 for a group of 1-4 people, €80 per each additional participant

€460 for a group of 1-4 people, €115 per each additional participant
4 hours
8 hours
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We will meet you at the train station of Haarlem. We will visit the magnificent main square, The Cathedral of St.Bavon, the meat guild, picturesquare courtyards (hofje). We will lose ourselves in alleys overgrown by flowers, and we will find multiple street sculptures and the 15th century brewery inside the church!

On Saturday, we will taste homemade cheese, Dutch herring and oysters at the best farmers' market. And at the same time we will buy some food for a lovely picnic in the dunes. Do not worry about other week days, we will not remain hungry. There are many breathtakingly delicious shops in Harlem with everything that your soul desires.

On bikes through the dune reserve with fantastic views we will head towards the North Sea up the road, which goes down. Don't be surprised, this is not a figure of speech at all! The bike paths are perfect here, and not a soul on them. If the bike ride is not for you, we can go by bus. It is as picturesque as the bike ride. Along the way we will stop in the National Park to have a picnic there. If we will be lucky, then we will see rabbits, foxes, deer or the highland cattles!

We will find out where the richest people of the country prefer to live. By the way, do you know how to luxuriously decorate a house so you don't have enemies? We will discuss how a local landscape and climate influenced the national character, culture and attitude towards life. And of course, we will tell you about the amazing attitude of the country's inhabitants towards nature!

This is an individual tour, that's why we will be telling you everything that interests you: the country's history, national cuisine, design or social projects. This will be a great and happy day!

This tour is available in two versions:
Duration 8 hours: Haarlem and the trip around the dune reserve to the North Sea
Duration 4 hour: The trip around the dune reserve to the North Sea
The bike rent or the bus should be paid separately: 6-15 euros per person.
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