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Edam and Volendam: Fairy Tale Pictures

The old town and the fishing village. The homeland of cheese, herring, eel and many other Dutch traditions
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A trip to the old town of Edam and the fishing village of Volendam is one of our favourite excursions! Just 15 minutes from noisy Amsterdam, and you will find yourself in a scene from a fairy tale - with tiled-roof houses, the ringing of a carillon, gardens full of colourful hydrangeas and flowering cherry trees bending over the canals. Life here flows differently, at its own pace and according to its own laws. They still organize cheese markets here, smoke eels with the best recipe in the world, decorate courtyards and streets in the most incredible way. They may pay for work done with almond pies. Swans slowly swim along the canals, gliding gracefully by elegant pavilions. You can see wooden clogs on the porches.

Once upon a time in these places, French impressionists were inspired by the peaceful landscapes of fields and windmills and the sight of sails over the bay. We still have the opportunity to see all this beauty in almost the same form. Of course, we will also see the paintings. We'll also try a lot of tasty things and make great photos!

every Friday
3 hours + travel time
up to 15 people
€50 per person

Bus tickets (€10 per person, food and drinks are paid for separately.
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We will meet you in Amsterdam and take the bus to Edam. There our tour will begin. All together we will make more than 13 stops.

We will see the old town hall and the chamber of scales, walk along the most humpbacked bridge of the country, visit the cheese museum, the picturesque "hofie" shelters, the majestic church and the hotel with paintings of the impressionists. We will taste the local farm cheeses, herring, eel and "kibbeling". We will peep into the gardens and windows and hunt for amazing elements of local decor, hidden in the alleys.

We will talk about rural life, traditions and how the national character was formed. We will tell you all about local people's fight against the sea and amazing innovations in agriculture. We will learn how the smoked eel almost brought the country to the brink of revolution and many more amazing and funny stories. During the whole tour we will enjoy amazing views of the blooming gardens and fields and the lake with yachts and snow-white sails. You can't think of a bigger feast for your eyes and soul than this tour! Oh, yes, and of course there will be a feast for your stomach, too :).

Our tour ends in Volendam. At the end, you can ask us any questions. Then you can continue walking around on your own or have a meal in the 19th century family smokehouse on the beach. Another option is to take a boat to Marken Island. You do not have to go back to Amsterdam immediately.

At the beginning of the tour, we will buy the bus tickets from the ticket machine together. Please prepare coins or bank cards in advance. The fare is about 10 euros per person. As soon as the tickets are in our hands, we will start our adventure :) Just a gentle reminder - the tour itself starts in Edam.
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