Your Own Holland. Edam and Volendam: The Charms of Rural Life

Amsterdam ́s most picturesque surroundings with its cheese, herring, eel, clogs and boat sails

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If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, the best thing you can do right after your arrival to the Netherlands is to go on this tour. Blossoming gardens, bells ringing over lambs frollicking in their fields and a piece of delicious apple-pie on the bank of a canal, overgrown with apple-trees and hydrangeas, enchanting allies with their tales and local cheese shops, snow-white bridges and yacht sails are better than any medicine you can have! Only 15 minutes from Amsterdam, the cheese-producing heart of Holland, Edam, still rules. Cheese porters are paid with almond pies exactly as were hundreds of years ago and people you meet wear clogs. Edam ́s stories are so rich in culture that even Amsterdammers are left to envy.

We just love this tour - pure joy for the eyes. It takes you on a fascinating journey through hundreds of years of history, culture and tradition. Above all, we will enjoy every moment of this tour, you will feel that life is beautiful once again!

Having recovered from the fatigue of your everyday worries, you are ready to take off for a tour around Amsterdam with us the very next day.
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We will meet you in Amsterdam and take the bus to Edam. We will visit the old chamber of weights in Edam, walk along the most humpbacked bridge of the country, visit the museum of cheese and admire the hotel whose walls are hung with impressionist paintings. We will see the town hall, old shelters, cathedrals and much more. We will get lost in charming side streets of Volendam and will enjoy fascinating views of sailboats on our walk along the promenade. Naturally, we will try local cheeses and herring.

We will talk about rural life, unique Dutch traditions, funny proverbs and old legends. We will learn about who the Dutch are, which values they honour and which they choose to ignore, their provincial lifestyles and in particular their attitudes towards family, religion and art as well as how they celebrate their holidays and have fun. We will contrast Dutch history with the current day and discuss a proud Holland: one which reconciles its innovative agricultural approaches with a keen appreciation for traditional customs.

After this tour you can return directly to Amsterdam with your guide. We advise you, however, to stay on the terrace of the old smokehouse to enjoy a goblet of steam-smoked eel soup. Enjoying this fine moment of Dutch cuisine, you can sift the precious memories you have built over this eventful day and reflect upon the happy feeling inside of you.
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