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Amsterdam through admiring eyes: what we love in this city
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For many years Amsterdam carefully embraces us with a ring of canals and captivates us with the comfort of brown houses. In the evenings, the old trees "whisper" the stories of its ancient and wonderful past, telling about the countless treasures, about free, proud, and hardworking people and their fantastic adventures. In the mornings, this city wakes up impatiently - with green parrots chirping, with the smell of coffee and the ringing bells. Amsterdam, we love you! And we will do everything so that you make great acquaintances with this city. After all, Amsterdam does not open its soul to everyone :).

Our group tour in Amsterdam includes more than 15 stops. At every stop, we will talk about important or fun things, learn how to interpret the facade boards, look for urban secrets, and more. We will find out how this city lived many centuries ago and how it feels to be an Amsterdammer today, where the roots of a national character grow from and how people of almost two hundred cultures enjoy living here together.

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Of course, we will show you the most important sights: crooked or the narrowest houses, the royal palace, the "floating" flower market, the Beguinage, the medieval Chamber of Weights, canals with old and charming bridges, and the former office of the Dutch East India Company. Also, we will taste some Dutch herring, local cheese, and more. During this sightseeing tour, we will also show you our favorite secret places: the "hidden" church, a cozy teahouse, revived clocks, and many other unique places not mentioned in any guidebooks.

We will explain the difference between Holland and the Netherlands and discuss why our national color is orange. We will find out how to look through the windows of the Royal Palace or where to find the green parrots! Would you like to discover who steals bicycles from Amsterdammers? How does one's become a nun, but doesn't lose a personal life? What is happening in Dutch churches nowadays? Or what is the modern purpose of many former prisons? Let's discover it together!

Of course, it is impossible to tell everything in 3 hours. But we also have many private tours all around the Netherlands, and we created each of them with great love. Join us!
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