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What is Amsterdam for you?
Cozy canals filled with boats, rafts, ducks roaming around, and swans swimming with royal gracefulness? Definitely! Fabulous crooked houses with tiled roofs, as if taken from illustrations of some children's books, and cafes on shady promenades? That's also true! Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and "The Lesser Dutchmen"? Cheese, herring, and great beer? Bicycles? Absolutely! You will certainly see it all during the sightseeing tours in Amsterdam.

Nevertheless, all that is not enough to fall in love with this city wholeheartedly and forever. But why are the Amsterdamers so devoted to it? We will explain to you during our private or group Amsterdam guided tours, whether on foot, by bike, sailing on a boat through canals, or even in a hot air balloon. We have different tours that orientate on modern or historical aspects or focus on sightseeing, architecture, or gastronomy. Some tours can also take place in museums or bars.

Amsterdam is so multifaceted, there are so many unique things here, and we want to share them with you! We offer several dozen different tours in Amsterdam, and we frequently come up with new ones. If you find it hard to choose, just let us know your interests. We are happy to consult you about the tours or suggest nice places and fun activities for your free time to make sure you will fall in love with Amsterdam forever!

Here you can find out more about our favourite areas in Amsterdam.
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Private Tours in Amsterdam and the Neighbourhoods
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Our Favourite Neighbourhoods

Dear friends, we recommend that you don't walk with the crowd down the Damrak street towards the Royal Palace on Dam Square and back. Don't wander around the surrounding side streets with endless coffee shops, twin-stores with the same "souvenirs" and stalls filled with fried potatoes put out for tourists, or tasteless waffles which are not even Dutch, but Belgian. All of that is not the real Holland.

Sometimes it happens that our Amsterdam tour starts by tourists saying, "We have been here for a week and we don't like it here at all." And just after a few hours of what seems to be a regular sightseeing tour (but including some unique places that are not so easy to find!), we hear our tourists say, "You made us fall in love with this city. Without a doubt, we will definitely come back!" Of course, these kinds of words make us happy. The only thing we pity is that you did not spend the previous days of your vacation enjoying this city.

So what can you do to make sure your trip ends up being wonderful? So you end up with yet another place to cherish, the memories of which will warm your heart up? There is nothing simpler! Just start your Amsterdam adventure with a guided tour. Already five centuries ago, travellers compared Amsterdam to an unappealing chest from the outside but full of treasures inside. This is still the case today. Numerous city treasures are still practically impossible to find on your own.

To give you an idea of what we are talking about, here you can find a few of Amsterdam's neighbourhoods that we love.
If your heart desires fairytales, gingerbread houses and "postcard" Amsterdam, then go to Jordaan, where the spirit of the old city lives. There is nothing better than accidentally stumbling upon art and design galleries, some of which could be world-famous. Or discover hidden courtyards and shelters garlanded with wisteria flowers. You can also spot ancient bars, shops with bizarre toys, dwarf houses, and even mice skyscrapers. You can people-watch the locals, solve riddles of façade signboards, and find traits of the particular Jordanian humour everywhere.
And in general, it makes sense to walk here with your head held high. You can see a lot of amazing things when looking through Jordaan windows (those who live here have a strong imagination and a unique sense of beauty). On Saturdays, there is the best farmer market in the city. And there is no way you can miss it.
If you want to get acquainted with the young and vibrant modern areas of Amsterdam, then it's best to rent a bike and go to the northern bank by a free-of-charge ferry, which is already an adventure in-and-of-itself.
Once a month, the biggest flea market in Europe takes place here. Inside the former shipyard hangars, one can find some little communities of architects, entrepreneurs, designers, and other creative people. These small "cities" have their streets and squares, trees, unexpected art objects, and amazing buildings made of shipping containers. There are many peculiar examples of modern architecture in the Noord, a bunch of street art, an eco-village based on a closed-loop principle, a floating neighbourhood built by locals, the weirdest hotels and a multitude of innovations as well as social and ecological projects. You can't surprise anyone with the idea of a worm hotel here!

There is also a great museum of cinema called Eye, the A'dam Lookout Tower with the highest swings in Europe and a magnificent panoramic view of Amsterdam. You can also go to the beach and visit cosy beach cafes, where you can enjoy a wonderful summer evening dancing salsa or tango, or relax while watching waves and stars.
The Canal Ring
Make sure to go on a canal cruise! This city was built on water, and so it should be admired from the waters. Renting a private little boat would be ideal, just for you - this will allow you to travel wherever you like. For instance, you could sail under that charming humpbacked little bridge you spotted, or turn into the narrow waterways of the Jordaan district and while getting closer to the shore, sing along with the jolly locals.
Add some local charm to your experience by having a picnic on the boat. Alternatively, the "river trams" are lovely too! These pass through the city's most stunning canals, past the Golden Age mansions and floodgates, cosy cafés and majestic cathedrals. Don't forget to peek into the illuminated windows of these buildings, you could see so many interesting things inside. They are kept open just for us. It is a lovely Dutch tradition not to draw curtains, don't you think? :)

By the way, it's also nice to take a walk along the canal ring. Free from tourists, this area boasts pretty houses with stories to tell, local designer boutiques, trendy cafés, plenty of amusing urban art, and even a houseboat inhabited by cats.
And of course, the most luxurious mansions can be found here. Did you know that you can visit many of them? Many of them have been converted to fabulous museums. The houses of Van Loon and Willet-Holthuysen, the "living" house of Bartolotti, and dozen museums devoted to cats, smoking pipes, the Bible, photographs, and our personal favourite - the Interactive Het Grachtenhuis canal museum inhabited by tiny holographic men. And that's not all, with many more awaiting your exploration.

Do you think that we've listed everything? Absolutely not! There are still hundreds of places for you to discover! If visiting museums is not your cup of tea, then it's always interesting to visit old mansions to see how rich Amsterdamers lived a few centuries ago, and some still live today. Of course, this is also an excellent opportunity to see fascinating gardens that are hidden from prying eyes. In some of the more hospitable mansions, you can also get a nice cup of tea and even dance.

During this walk, we highly recommend that you look out for secret churches and pop into the city archive building. Do not be put off by its gloomy appearance for its interior vault boasts a fantastic art-deco design! On Mondays, a delightful flower market flourishes across the canal banks. The lovely bustle of Amsterdam never ends!
De Pijp
If you are interested in exploring bourgeois Amsterdam, take a stroll through the De Pijp district, with its wonderful park and the largest street market in the city where herons compete for salmon leftovers.
Locals run to the market to buy some dill, but come out holding oysters and wine, and enjoy them right there while taking a rest on an old fruit crate. And yet they remain elegant! Many lovely concept stores are scattered through the area where you can buy exclusive gifts for your loved ones. You can eat in one of the many restaurants serving food from around the world. And how wonderful it is to have a picnic in the cool shade of a Sycamore tree on the bank of a stream that flows through a lush park teeming with hedgehogs, ducks, and Egyptian geese!

But most importantly, the De Pijp area has neighbourhoods made in the style of the Amsterdam School of architecture with its iconic mosaics, stained glass, panels, house chapels, and wonderful sculptures representing the distinctive Dutch art culture.
Near Amsterdam
Be sure to find time to go out of town for at least half a day and see the mills in Zaanse-Schans or the quiet and impossibly beautiful Edam, Volendam, or Marken. Such a trip is a real cure for the eyes and soul of a city dweller!
This is just a small glimpse of what we would love to show you.

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