Your Own Morocco. Casablanca: A Trip Through Time

For those interested not only in history but also in the present day. And especially for fans of Art Deco ;)
How sophisticated and glamorous Casablanca was at the beginning of the twentieth century! The Art Deco districts, the mind-blowing interiors of hotels and gambling houses, the world's most fashionable boutiques. The colours of European and Moroccan aristocracy waving along embankments, ladies showing off their Parisian hats, and gentlemen concluding business deals. It smelt of money and contraband, finesse and hashish, fortune and crushed hopes.

And nearby, in the medina, life went on, the rhythm of which was driven for centuries by the muezzin's cry. Just as hundreds of years ago, people were engaged in crafts, trading, going to the mosque, and, upon coming out, engaging in superstitions. Donkeys carried goods through the narrow streets, and charlatan doctors lured the unsuspecting public. And to this day, it's still the same.

But there is another Casablanca – a modern one. It is a metropolis filled with crazy energy, the most promising city in the Arab world. Innovative technologies, beautiful modern architecture and designer areas are born here. Casablanca is the centre of street art, fighting for the rights of women and sexual minorities. TEDx lectures and eco-projects occur in the city's mosques, and Catholic nuns teach computer programming to children.

During our tour of Casablanca, you will have the opportunity to travel through time and get a glimpse into all these different lives.
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3,5/6 hours

€240 for 1-4 people or €60 per person if there are more of you

€450 for 1-4 people or €113 per person if there are more of you
3,5 hours, walking tour
6 hours,
by car
Tickets for the mosque, museums and taxis are not included and must be paid separately.
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The Casablanca tour is available in two versions, 3.5 or 6 hours. We will start with a visit to the magnificent Hassan II Mosque. We'll talk about the role of religion in modern Morocco and why this mosque is still so controversial. We'll also climb the walls of the ancient fortress. Casablanca is the best place to try some traditional delicacies. We'll talk about the history of piracy and the slave trade and the local cuisine and how it reflects the national character. We'll stroll through Morocco's old medina, perhaps the cosiest medina in the country, untouched by the tourist frenzy. We will visit a synagogue and talk about how for centuries, the peoples of two such different religions have coexisted and helped each other. We'll walk through some of the most picturesque districts with Art Deco and Neo-Moorish architecture. We'll talk about the colonial period and its influence on Moroccan society. And, of course, we'll arrange a tasting of oysters and various types of seafood at the market.

Suppose you chose the short (orange) route. In that case, we'll finish the tour with a cup of tea at the snow-white Sacré Coeur cathedral with a story about how Morocco managed to become the continent's most prosperous country. Not just the continent's but also far beyond, in terms of innovation, economy and social reforms. We will also discuss what it's like to be a country resident today.

But we'd highly recommend you take the 6-hour route (a combination of orange and green routes). There's so much to see here that 3.5 hours is not enough. Then after lunch, during which we will take a break, we'll move on to the early 20th-century cathedral with unique stained-glass windows, the luxurious Pasha's Palace, and the fantastic Habous district. That's also the best place for shopping in Morocco :). We'll also have the opportunity to visit a synagogue, have a glass of wine at a world-famous bar, admire some Art Deco interiors, and take a peek into craftsmen's workshops. We'll also do many more wonderful things. And we'll have a chauffeur-driven car available for us all day: we'll pick you up from your hotel and take you back after the tour, you won't have to carry your shopping bags around, and you'll be more mobile.

On the short route, we have to walk 1.5 km along the ocean from the Hassan II mosque to the old medina. If this is difficult for you, we can take a taxi (up to €3).
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