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Fez's Medina is enormous. It has thousands of streets that are so narrow that it can be hard for pedestrians to pass by one another. These streets can leave you wandering in circles for hours, (much to the delight of locals); sometimes leading you to a dead-end, then throwing you out to the opposite end of the Medina, or even leading you to visit someone's home. Once you step out of the gloom of endless crossings and onto a sunlit square, with a mosaic fountain and a caravan guest house decorated in lace carvings, the beauty will be simply breathtaking! You might suddenly find yourself in a workshop, where precious fabrics with gold and silver threads are still being woven. Or perhaps you might stumble upon the magnificent doors of the world's oldest university. There is no shortage of such surprises around Fez. It will take you back to childhood when there were fun discoveries and adventures waiting around every corner.

Fez is just about the only city in the world that has preserved its medieval architecture, traditions and way of life. And it's not a tourist attraction. Here a hundred and fifty thousand people live very happily, engaged in crafts and trade, spiritual pursuits and the upbringing of children. Fez is a city of ancient history, where Arab, African and European civilisations have crossed paths for centuries. Fez is a city of Moroccan intellectuals and aristocracy, a centre of Islamic spiritual life and Sufism but also crafts, which can be comparable to fine arts. If you haven't seen Fez, then you essentially haven't been to Morocco :)

This tour is given by an outstanding guide - a native of Fes, a doctor, a well-known sportswoman in Morocco, and a traveler whose main hobby is the history of Fes. Communication with her in itself is a unique experience that can instantly destroy several stereotypes about Morocco.

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We will enter the Medina of Fez through the ceremonial Blue Gate and go in search of adventure. Of course, we will see all the essentials: the ancient fortifications, the magnificent Bou Inania and Al-Attarine Madrasas, the mosaic fountain in Nejjarine Square and the lavish caravan guest house with its masterful carvings, the world's oldest university with its unique library, the mosque and mausoleum of Sultan Moulay Idris and the dye houses of Fez.

We will also visit the non-touristy places and get to know the people of this extraordinary city. How they celebrate holidays and raise their children, what they dream about and what they sing about. We will also visit the workshops where they make remarkable musical instruments and fabric from the fibres of Agave trees. We will even try our hand at making perfumes, mosaics and secret boxes. The city is also filled with fascinating legends. Which ones might we encounter? We'll see, you can never be too certain. This place is also home to many storks, which we will spot along our journey :)

It is worth remembering that Fez, unlike many "authentic" places, is not a tourist attraction, but a real, living, breathing city, which has largely retained many traits of its medieval way of life. You won't see princesses riding unicorns along broken streets, and although the alleys and dyers are very scenic, they don't always smell of roses.

There are two versions of the Fez tour, a 3.5-hour tour (orange route) and a 5.5-hour tour (orange plus green route). If you choose the second option, we can also visit the Jewish district of Mellah and the old synagogue, take a stroll through the scenic Jnan Sbil garden with its collection of exotic plants, and take photos at the gates of the royal palace and so much more. Would you like to know what impressed our colleagues from other countries the most? Seeing the view from one of the hills of the grand Medina, swirling with smoke and surrounded by ancient walls. We will certainly see it as well!
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