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Zaanse Schans: A Fairy Tale Travel

Windmills, sheep, channels, dams, cheese and enthralling stories
Group size:
every Thursday
2,5 hours + travel time
up to 15 people
€60 per person

Due to coronavirus restrictions, this tour will be available again from October 2020. But you still can book it now! Just send us an e-mail.

It is impossible to imagine the Netherlands without ''wings'' of the traditional windmills, canals with the curvy bridges, wooden houses under the tile roofs, white clouds of sheep in the fields and dooryards drowning in the blooming hydrangea bushes. With all of this to be found literally 15 minutes away from buzzing Amsterdam.

Needless to say that Zaanse Schans is one of the main touristic hotspots of the region. How ridiculously absurd would it be if people from all over the world were not striving to see the rows of those old-time windmills that are still being used to produce mustard, spices, paint and butter! And not only those. How could one miss the opportunity to feel himself as a lord of the winds at a small balcony under the mill's ''hat'', to walk over a tiny drawbridge, to meet proud representatives of the local wildlife? Wouldn't you want to learn walking with the wooden clogs on and maybe even try dancing in them?

We would love to share the best of our favourite Zaanse Schans with you! In order to avoid tourist crowds we have developed a special tour.
Tickets for 3 windmills are included. The fare (€8) should be paid separately.
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We will meet you at Amsterdam Centraal Station from where all together we will take a train towards the windmill village – the starting point of our great adventure. We will visit the windmills where production of spices and paint as well as cutting of wood take place. Here we will also get the chance to experience a well-known fact of the country being below sea level. We will discover the secrets of clog-making craft and will learn how to walk in these unique shoes. We will figure out how the mills were draining never calming waters to keep the land afloat for centuries. In addition, we will visit a cheese museum and try as many cheese types as you may wish. It is not the only delicious spot as we have a serious intention to prove that almost anyone can become a passionate fan of aniseed liquors. Gorgeous photos will be a great addition to the unforgettable experiences of the day.

This tour is definitely not only about the windmills, legends, secret language and mysteries related to these wooden giants. We will also discuss such topics as art of the Golden Age, crafts, education and how the country is protecting its territories from water nowadays. You will learn how it was to live in a typical Dutch village in the past and how this lifestyle is different today. We will share some incredible facts about the local agriculture, innovative and floating farms together with the green technologies. And of course, we will discuss a special attitude the Dutch nation has towards the nature.

During the tour we will show you other great places that you can visit at your own pace. Our advice is not to hurry with getting back to the urban jungles: allow yourself a relaxed stroll across meadows and an aromatic cup of coffee at a picturesque terrace above the river. In case you prefer traveling back to Amsterdam directly after the tour ends, you can do it together with our guide.

After the meeting our guide will buy train tickets at the station. We kindly ask you to prepare cash or cards for this purpose in advance. The whole travel cost equals 8 euro per person. As soon as everyone has their ticket, our adventure can start. The tour will begin in Zaanse Schans.
Where and when do we meet?
Every Thursday at 10:00 in the morning, we meet at the main entrance of Amsterdam Central Station. You can find the main entrance between two towers - one with a clock and another one with a weather vane. Click here to find the exact location. Please check it in advance, so you do not get lost. We are looking forward to meeting you, and it will be sad if we won't find each other due to silly circumstances.

After we meet, we can buy the bus tickets at the ticket machine. Please prepare coins or a bank card in advance. The total price for tickets is approx 8 euros per person. After we buy tickets, we go together on our little journey! We remind you that our guided tour officially begins in Zaanse-Schans.
How can I recognize the tour guide?
Our tour guides hold an orange sign for "Snurk.Travel / Your Own Holland". Moreover, all our tour guides are incredibly sweet and love to smile, so you will be able to find them from this description :). However, do not worry if you get lost! Our tour guide can always help you before the tour has started. Just call him/her by phone, via Whatsapp, or send a text message. The train station has free Wi-Fi - "KPN".
Can I come without reservation?
Usually, you can!
However, at this moment, we kindly ask you to reserve your spot for the group tour in advance due to corona restrictions. Please, contact us at
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