Your Own Holland. Zaanse Schans and Zaandam: Where Does the Wind Come From?

From Amsterdam to the village of mills: to pastoral landscapes, lambs and cheese

Day Tour from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans and Zaandam:
Discover Dutch Heritage

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What is the Netherlands for you? Lots of bicycles, infinite tulip fields and, of course, mills! They rise above the fields with grazing lambs, over the rivers and canals with wild swans, over bridges and tiled houses covered with hydrangea, turning the landscape into a perfect fairy tale. And we'll see it all! We are going to the village of Zaanse Schans. As if descended from pastoral postcards, it is shrouded in the smells of freshly mowed grass, spices and chocolate!

But can you imagine that the mills are still working and making a profit? And have their own language? And that some millers have science degrees? And why do ghosts live in some of the mills? Find out!

We'll also take a look at how people live in the Dutch province, taste cheeses, waffles, chocolate beer, turn into - you won't believe! :) - anise liqueur fans and enjoy every minute of this amazing day.

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From Amsterdam we take the train to the village of Zaanse Schans. We will visit the old mills, where they still make paints, oils, spices, mustard and amazing perfumes. We will get acquainted with the millers and learn the secrets of their craft. Let's see how wooden clog shoes are made and even try them on. We will understand the types of cheese and find out a lot of amazing things about this product. And if we are lucky, we will also get acquainted with the performer of one of the most famous hits of the 20th century!

Strolling along a completely fabulous landscape, we will make a fascinating journey into the distant XVII century - the Golden Age of navigation, industry and art. We'll learn what polders are and what secret knowledge and skills only the Dutch possess. We'll talk not only about traditions, but also about nowadays: about the amazing attitude to nature and fantastic technologies in agriculture, about social projects and volunteering.

And on the way back, if you have enough strength, we will visit the house of Peter the Great in Zaandam.
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