Your Own Holland. Rotterdam: A Group Sightseeing Tour

The main city attractions: an enchanting trip from the past to the future
Due to coronavirus restrictions, this tour will be available again from September 2020. But you still can book it now! Just send us an e-mail.

If you haven't been to Rotterdam then you know nothing about the Netherlands. Indeed, windmills and crooked houses are great, but they represent the past, whereas Rotterdam represents our future.

Amazing architecture, cubic-houses and arch shaped buildings, floating and vertical farms; roof parks; homes with gardens that know nothing but summer; the biggest robot in the world; tower and regular cufflinks that purify the air from smog; leather products made of orange peels; unmanned buses, hydrofoil inspector-drones, an amphibious bus and even jacuzzis floating along the canals in the middle of winter - these things are nothing special for this city. Not to mention all amazing social projects and initiatives that we will definitely talk about during our tour.

Even air rocks here. And we are yet to find a single Rotterdamer who does not think that his city is the best one in the world.
Group size:
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Group size:
every Sunday
3 hours
up to 10 people
€25 per person
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We will see examples of utopian architecture - cubic houses, autonomous buildings providing energy and water to sustain themselves, futuristic church, constructor-house, the most magnificent market in the world, majestic Maas, hooligan-gnome, Kind Ladybug, the biggest art object in the country and so much more. We'll talk about contemporary architecture, fantastic innovative, social and eco-projects. But we are not forgetting about the city's past. And we will also show you how it feels to live in Rotterdam today.

We'll try to find local sights by their nicknames and discover the mystery of the town hall. We'll get to know why the great humanist still scares children. You can be sure that we'll also try the tastiest food Rotterdam has to offer - starting from fritters and ending with local sausages and herring. And of course, we will take some great pictures too!

Rotterdam is huge and there is not a single place without something special or unique here. We cannot see all of it in one tour but will be happy to show you our favorite and most interesting spots in this amazing city. See you in Rotterdam!
When and where do we meet?
Every Sunday at 11:00 in the morning, we meet at the entrance of Rotterdam Centraal Station. Click here to find an exact location. Please check it in advance, so you do not get lost. We are looking forward to meeting you, and it will be sad if we won't find each other due to silly circumstances.
How can I recognize the tour guide?
Our tour guides hold an orange sign for "Snurk.Travel / Your Own Holland". Moreover, all our tour guides are incredibly sweet and love to smile, so you will be able to find them from this description :). However, do not worry if you get lost! Our tour guide can always help you before the tour has started. Just call him/her by phone, via Whatsapp, or send a text message. The train station has free Wi-Fi - "KPN"
Can I come without reservation?
Usually, you can!
However, at this moment, we kindly ask you to reserve your spot for the group tour in advance due to corona restrictions. Please, contact us at
I am coming to Rotterdam on Wednesday and would like to go on this tour. Is it possible to join it on the same day?
At this moment, our group tours in Rotterdam are only available on Sundays, but we are always happy to show you Rotterdam during our private tour at any time and day, which is convenient for you. Please, can contact us at
Perhaps, you still have some questions. This is what we get asked about most of the time.
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