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Try to describe Brussels in one word! We wager that you can't. Refined, chic, stylish? Undoubtedly! The architecture of this city takes your breath away. Every element here deserves admiration and a separate story. Mysterious, magical? Of course! In every house here live legends, secrets, and ghosts. Even the old facade signage have their secrets—they are encrypted. Or compare this city to an antique shop full of treasures and secrets? Yes, that's also true! But alongside history—street art, contemporary music, and stunning art objects. Even the magnificent local cuisine encapsulates the incongruous—French refinement and Flemish practicality. Here at classical music concerts, they treat you to free beer, and on the steps of the majestic opera house gather skaters, artists, and performers. And just right next door—weed dealers. The speech of all nations of the world is here, and in the air lingers an elusive smell of slight, and therefore charming, craziness and fantastic drive. And before our eyes, all this blends into one whole—into a beautiful, utterly crazy, and our beloved city!

We're eager to share its secrets, legends, and irresistible quirks with you. Come, let's explore this utterly loved city together!

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Our guided tour starts from Brussels Central. Together, we'll explore all the key highlights and try the most delicious culinary delights along the way. But that's not all!

We'll explore the Grand Place with its fairytale guild houses, deciphering hidden symbols and secret inscriptions on facades. Walking through beautiful shopping galleries like the rich Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert, we'll try the best Belgian waffles and find out who invented pralines for reasons entirely unrelated to gastronomy. Let's step into the majestic stock exchange and admire Rodin's sculpture. Venturing into the Church of Notre Dame de Bon Secours and other Catholic cathedrals, we'll marvel at frescoes and stained glass. Let's meet Manneken Pis and his friends. Let's witness the splendid Art Nouveau architecture, and explore its unexpected impact on ordinary lives. Ascending Mont des Arts, we'll meet Jacquemart, enjoy a wonderful view of the old city with a glass of beer, and, if we're lucky, we'll hear the carillon chime.

But most importantly, we'll guide you to hidden gems unseen by typical tourists: a hidden Catholic church and the city's oldest puppet theater, a charming former pharmacy resembling an ancient castle, a tranquil courtyard of the town hall, and the building of a former grocery market, where local seniors engage in chess battles. We'll enjoy Trappist beer in a secret 16th-century monastery and visit an unusual brown bar. We'll see numerous street art objects and murals. To finish the tour, we'll take you to one of the coziest squares, Sint-Katelijneplein, beloved by locals for long evenings with a glass of wine, oysters, and snail soup at one of the oldest – a truly unique and famous – street-side fish tavern.

Throughout all this time, we'll be sharing fascinating stories about how the city's centuries-old history influences its present-day life. How Brussels blends various cultures with ease and a touch of humor. Let's discuss Belgian urbanism and how Brusselsization has affected the character of the local inhabitants. We'll share numerous captivating stories from the city's past and even more incredible ones about its present and future. We are absolutely certain that you will fall in love with Brussels once and for all, just as it happened to us. See you in Brussels!
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