Your own Brussels. European Quarter: The Heart of Global Village

All of Europe in 3 hours: Explore EU political core, from history to future, amidst vibrant city life
Embark on a captivating journey through Brussels' European Quarter, where the past, present, and future of Europe come alive. Explore the streets of power, where key decisions are made, and uncover the stories behind the institutions shaping this continent. From the grandeur of the European Parliament to the lively meeting place of Place du Luxembourg, this tour unveils the essence of European politics, culture, and history, and how it is all a part of Brussels. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, indulge in local flavors, and discover the intriguing narratives that make Brussels a crossroads of nations.

Why did Brussels become the capital of Europe? How do European laws affect our daily life? Where do European politicians gather in their free time? How one can meet the Belgian queen? Where is the Heart of Darkness? What are the ostriches doing here? Let's find it out together! Along our walk, we will also visit the cozy secret garden, see unique street art, and try some local delicacies as well as the best beer in the world! We believe this adventure will leave you with a deeper understanding of Europe's tapestry, a newfound appreciation for its diverse heritage, and also lots of fun!
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Let's meet in the charming district of Merode, special for its blend of historical landmarks and vibrant surroundings. Walking through Cinquantenaire Park, we will admire the triumphal arch and delve into Belgian history. While standing in the heart of the European quarter, where crucial decisions shaping the European Union are made, we will have a look at the Berlaymont building and tell you more about the history of the European Union and why Brussels was chosen as its capital.

After a break for world-renowned Belgian beer with even more renowned Belgian fries on the beautiful Jourdan Square, we'll stroll through Leopold Park, a green oasis away from the urban buzz. We would also like to take a moment here to pay our respects to the victims of the 2016 terrorist attacks and remember the importance of cherishing moments of peace and solidarity at Maelbeek station.

Walking by many wonderful murals and other great art pieces, we will discuss what role street art is playing in the political life of Brussels. Let's reveal a couple of historical secrets at the House of European History and look through the windows of all European Union countries at once. As we arrive at the iconic building of the European Parliament, we find ourselves in the epicenter of European decision-making. Here we would like to tell you more about the power and decision-making of the European Union. We'll finish our tour in a local bar on Luxembourg Square, a hub of political activity and cultural exchange in Brussels' heart.
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