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In this tour around Belgrade, we will show you all the most important things. But that's not all! We love cities not just for their elegant architecture, cathedrals, and monuments. Belgrade cannot compete with Amsterdam, Paris, or Brussels in this respect. But there are areas in which no other city in the world can compete with Belgrade.

Our Belgrade – it's watching the sunset above the Danube River from the walls of an ancient fortress; it's wonderful and unfathomable stories; it's wild swans, street art galleries, and the sound of jazz coming from an old, ragged and scruffy mansion; it's the cozy book cafes and crazy interiors of local bars. It's having a cup of strong coffee on a pontoon rocking over the Danube waves. It's a waltz on the promenade under a star-scattered Balkan sky, dancing to the aria "O mio babbino caro". It is filled with wonderful and friendly locals as well as a vibrant, surprising, and elaborate history.

And most importantly! Remember how long ago, when we were children, unexpected discoveries and adventures awaited us around every corner? Well, that is exactly what happens here. And we want to share it all with you!

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We will see all the main attractions – The Belgrade Fortress in the park of Kalemegdan, the parliament building, a former palace complex, the magnificent panorama of the merging rivers of Danube and Sava, the church where baron Wrangel is buried, St. Mark's Cathedral, a multitude of luxurious Secession-style buildings, the Ducal Palace, and much more. We will have a stroll through the most ceremonial street of the city, and we will not forget to talk about the historic cobblestone street. We will meet a real captain and try the local cuisine, including some very unexpected dishes.

We will also find many places that Belgraders hide from prying eyes. We will sneak through dark passages, squeeze through the cracks between houses, dive into the grand stairwells and the underground. We will track down hidden gardens, art galleries, designer districts, and apartment bars. And most importantly, we will teach you how to find such places on your own. Because the main charm of Belgrade is not the luxurious Art Nouveau, Danube embankments, crazy parties, or delicious food, but it is that childhood feeling when something wonderful and magical awaits you around every corner.

We will tell you about the turbulent and very entertaining history of the city and the country, about how different cultures have crossed paths here over the centuries, and what came out as a result. We will talk about fascinating traditions, urban legends, and also about the present. We will have an individual tour. Therefore, we will talk about topics that are of interest to you.

Please wear comfortable shoes during the tour. After the tour, if you still have the strength, we can take a short walk through the former Turkish and Jewish neighbourhoods. There, we can check out peculiar bars and walk to the famous bohemian quarter of Skadarlija.
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