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This is certainly our liveliest and most exciting tour of Serbia! We had to travel halfway around the world to realize that only in Belgrade (which is among the world capitals of street art) the best way to understand and get to know the country, to figure out how people live in it and what they care about, is through street art and other places which are hidden from the eyes of travellers. Here, it's easy to quickly feel completely at home.

It's a real thrill to uncover hidden corners and artworks throughout the city, such as a self-established underground designer district, an outdoor art gallery, or a magnificent mural by a classic street artist. We will take a stroll through alleyways where no rational person would even dream to set foot, we will seek out unusual bars and vintage stores, find tiny gardens in back-alleys, check out some alternative culture centres and take many vibrant photos. And all of this is just astone's throw away from the city's most glamorous neighbourhoods. And of course, we'll also try many tasty treats.

And during our tour, with each new discovery, we will feel just like Columbus opening a new world :). Because that's why we travel, isn't it?

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During this tour, we will talk about Belgrade's alternative cultural scene, squatters and underground art. Who draws on the walls in Belgrade and why? And how come, at times, is this done by very reputable people? How has an independent culture given life to dying spaces? How has jazz conquered Belgrade? Who misses Yugoslavia and why? Spoiler alert: not at all those who you probably think :). And could it have ever occurred to you that football fans are using their last bit of strength, to bring culture and education to the masses? And why is Serbian creativity considered to be "crazy"?

Together, we'll see striking murals by artists from every corner of the globe, visit an outdoor gallery, and peek into various abandoned, underground, and hidden areas. We'll visit the designer district, contemporary art galleries, unusual bars and clubs, one of the independent cultural centres, and various vintage stores. And we will certainly try some very fine craft beer from Belgrade breweries and delicious handmade sweets. Come join us!

P.S. Thursday through Sunday afternoons, in addition to the tour, we'll be able to stop by a new and absolutely mind-blowing museum.
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