Your Own Serbia. Exploring the Mysteries of Djerdap

A Thrilling Road Adventure with Stops at the Unique Places
This whole excursion is about impossible beauty and adventures. There aren't many untouched places left in Europe where mighty ancient trees grow, relic and endemic plants thrive, lynxes roam, and pelicans nest. However, it's unlikely that we'll encounter them. But we will definitely see the fantastically beautiful Djerdap Gorge. And we will feel like the heroes of "The Lord of the Rings" in the medieval fortress of Golubac and at the colossal head of the Dacian king Decebalus towering over the Danube.

Even the road to Djerdap is full of adventures.We will have the opportunity to explore the immense medieval fortress of Smederevo and the ancient Neolithic site of Lepenski Vir. We will witness the sunset over the Danube. Perhaps, along the way, it will occur to us to learn the art of milking a cow or have a picnic by a picturesque cascade of waterfalls, taste locally-produced wine from a special grape variety, or gather berries in the forest. We will feed the Danube swans, capture magnificent photos, and get acquainted with authentic Serbian cuisine. And, of course, we will encounter plenty of stories, from archaeological tragedies to amusing modern incidents. And we promise that you will ask to stop the car every five minutes to look around and enjoy the surrounding beauty.

You will get to know a completely different Serbia - unexpected, mysterious, and enchanting. And most importantly, in terms of the number of impressions and the healing effect, this day will rival a splendid two-week vacation. We invite you to join us on this remarkable adventure!

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The cost includes visits to the fortresses. Tickets to the museum, food, and other expenses are paid separately.
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The excursion to Đerdap starts in Belgrade. We can either pick you up from your hotel or meet you at any convenient location in Belgrade.

You can go in your own or rented car, or in the guide's car (Volkswagen Passat). If you prefer a higher-class vehicle, your group is larger than four people, or you need us to provide you with a child seat, please let us know in advance.

The cost includes visits to the Golubac and Smederevo fortresses.
Tickets to the "Lepenski Vir" museum (€6 per person), drinks, food, and other expenses are paid separately.
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