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Utrecht is a beautiful and majestic city! It keeps ranking among the top five happiest cities in the world. Utrecht is like a treasure chest filled with all the world's charms. The contours of Roman walls, meter-wide medieval alleyways, and fabulous ivy-covered courtyards that are hidden from plain view. Humpbacked bridges and old legends coexist with stunning modern architecture and vibrant student life. The museums here are fascinating and interactive, but the vibrant street art scene offers some stiff competition. The Dome Cathedral carillon plays a tune from the rock band Radiohead, street art has taken root under medieval vaults and in monastery courtyards, and old ladies dance in a bar that's situated in a church! Not even the canals are ordinary here; they're two-level canals!

This city seems to have it all - multi-storey Barrel organs and a knight's castle, coffee on moss-covered steps by the water and the sound of jazz playing through the alleyways, witches, Chinese dancers and a historic observatory. What's important is making a choice and finding what you want within this treasure chest :) Of course, we'd be happy to help you with that choice!
3 hours, Utrecht:

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We'll meet you at the central station of Utrecht - Utrecht Centraal - and head towards the old centre. We'll walk past a charming square with lots of lovely cafes - a place where in the 16th century, residents gathered to burn witches! We'll see the main attractions: the Dom Tower, the two-level canals, the University of Utrecht, the Town Hall, the cathedrals of different religions, the home of the Pope and much more. And of course, we will spot many secret places and see beautiful details, of which, there are plenty in this beautiful city.

We'll peek into hidden courtyards and designer stores and look for UFOs and the frontiers of the Roman empire. We'll discover clever urban solutions and The Thinker on a Rock... who is a rabbit! We will solve riddles, enjoy the piano music, and learn about the local legends. Let's take a stroll along the promenade of the 'double-decker' Oudegracht Canal and unravel the history of its creation. Of course, we'll have a beer or coffee under the medieval vaults! If we're lucky, we'll also stop by the local market.

Why did Louis Bonaparte need a palace specifically in Utrecht, and who hindered its construction? Why is there modern art in the cathedral? Who built those strange two-level canals, and for what purpose? How did the medieval guilds work? And why do the happiest children in the world live here?
Let's figure it out together. Come and join us!

Near Utrecht, you can find the most impressive castle in the Netherlands, 'De Haar'. Not so long ago, it was owned by the Rothschilds. If you wish, we can drive there after the tour. The trip from Utrecht to the castle by public transport (approximately €10) and tickets for the castle (€18 per person) are payable separately.Whether you want to reach the castle by bicycle, cycling through orchards, a lake, a goat farm and Hydrangea-covered cottages, or by car, both options are possible. Just email us with your preference.
By the way, we also offer a separate tour of the castles:)
Perhaps, you still have some questions. This is what we get asked about most of the time.

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