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The Old Side

Chinese and Jewish quarters and Lastage
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The old quarters of Amsterdam are incredibly picturesque. Here you will see the narrowest houses and crooked alleys, secret courtyards and amazing old bars. Humpy bridges bear the names of ordinary citizens, and each house has its own stories and legends, some of which are true and some not so much :). And of course, there are all the main attractions of Amsterdam and we will see almost all of them during this tour.

During this wonderful walk, we will tell how this city lived in ancient times, and talk about the history of the country. We will discuss how life was arranged here, in which gods people believed and which holidays were celebrated. But most importantly, we will try to figure out how from all of these one of the freest and most advanced countries of the world was born, and how it feels to be an Amsterdammer today.
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Our tour will take place in the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. We will see a medieval weight chamber and watch towers, Rembrandt house and an old gateway with a nearly toy-like keeper's house, a leper shelter and a flea market, the most unusual cafes and bars,but also temples of almost all religions - from Catholic and Protestant to Buddhist and synagogues. We will walk along the quiet picturesque embankment past the ivy, curly roses and wisteria houses, try herring and oysters and certainly drink mint tea in an unusual place. We will solve the riddles of facade boards and hunt for "spies", find trompe l'oeil and and innovative projects in the most unexpected places.

How to arrange an ongoing promotion for five hundred years without spending a dime? Why grow weeds? What alcoholic "drinks" are not drinkable, but eaten? How can craft beer production change the whole world? Find these all out!

We will talk not only about the history of this amazing city, but also its present days. However, this tour is individual, which means only for you. So we'll talk about what interests you. And we will certainly look into the courtyards and shops that are not foreseen by the plan, which will please you.
Perhaps, you still have some questions. This is what we get asked about most of the time.
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