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A Photo Shoot in the Tulip Fields

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Professional Photo Session in Holland Tulip Fields:
Capture Your Moments

If we suddenly went into politics, our campaign slogan would be "Everyone has the right to a photo shoot in the tulip fields!" And we would fight for this right until the end! Because not only do these magnificent, beautiful fields invoke feelings of happiness, but they will also give you memories which will warm your soul for a lifetime. Walking through this tulip rainbow will certainly make you feel that life is wonderful. That we're all just as wonderful. That everything in our lives is as good as can be imagined, and that there are many more magical and surprising things to come. We all have certain days when such memories and feelings are needed.

Just imagine this endless sea of yellow, pink, lilac, cherry and white flowers! And next to it, the hyacinths with their amazing smell! There are no words to describe how wonderful it is! Regardless of what you wear in the midst of this overwhelming beauty, be it a hat or a joyful spring dress or even work overalls, we're sure that you will be lost for words in these wonderful and boundless fields. With the help of a photographer who will turn the photo shoot into a magical adventure, the whole experience becomes pure happiness that will stay with you forever. Come join us!

Type of tour:
On a day convenient for you
3,5 hours (incl. the trip)
Private up to 3 person

The price includes photo shoot accessories and a Polaroid photo on the same day.

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We'll meet you around 17:30 at Amsterdam Central Station (Amsterdam Centraal) and drive to the tulip fields by car. We didn't choose this time randomly, taking pictures during sunset is truly magical. We highly recommend choosing a weekday for the tour to avoid traffic jams and tourist groups in the fields.

  • The photo shoot takes place in two locations so that different flowers appear on your photographs. If you bring two outfits, the photos will be more varied.
  • On the road, we will tell you various amazing stories about tulips and so much more.
  • We will provide accessories for the photo shoot (straw hats, baskets, and vases for flowers).
  • The photo shoot in each location takes about 30 minutes. Three weeks after the shoot, we will send you 60+ retouched photographs. And to keep you from getting anxious while waiting, we will make one photo for you on a Polaroid as a gift.
Please note!
This photo shoot is only possible by car (your own or rented). We provide a transfer (V class or Volkswagen) priced at €400 for 1-5 passengers. It's possible to arrange a transfer in a higher class car if you would like one, just email us.

The price includes:
  • Photo shoot accessories.
  • 60+ professional-quality digital photos.
Please note!
In the event of heavy rain, we can reschedule the photo shoot or give you a refund, the choice is yours.
Perhaps, you still have some questions. This is what we get asked about most of the time.

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