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Leiden: The Garden of Forking Paths
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Discover Leiden's Top Sights on a Guided Walking Tour Through the City

The people of Leiden believe that their city is the most beautiful one in the country, if not the whole world. It is hard to argue with that :). In fact, there is no other place on Earth, where stories from all over the world are intertwined in such a dense tangle. This is the birthplace of Rembrandt and genius mocker Jan Steen. It is where the origins of the modern Netherlands come from, as well as the United States of America and modern art. Einstein and Churchill walked on these cobblestone pavements here. Even the canal embankment in Leiden has played a part in the centuries of difficult relations between Europe and mysterious Japan.

All these stories are full of surprises, amusing paradoxes, and sometimes ridiculous tales or absurdities. Here, the subject of botany suddenly turns from a primary school class into a real detective story, physics - into tragedy, commerce - into philosophy and the rational organization of the urban environment - into poetry.

You will learn a bit about everything while walking along the shady embankments of canals, searching for tiny houses, "palaces" of the kings, secret courtyards, and poems that are painted on city walls, all while taking fabulous photos and tasting delicious local meals. And it is up to you which corner to explore and what mysterious stories to unravel. After all, it will be a private tour. Shall we get going?

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€320 for a group of 1-4 people

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We will meet at Leiden Station and dive into the old town straight away. We will see windmills, the old city gates, market square, the district where Rembrandt grew up, the majestic St. Peter's Cathedral, and the University of Leiden. We will find poems on the city walls and hidden courtyards of the Hofier Asylums. We will walk along the most beautiful canal in the country (according to the locals) and across a delightful bridge. And just like Churchill, we will sit on the steps of Leiden.

We will tell how this country came to exist, what role windmills played in its creation, and why they are still needed to this day. We will find out how everything was arranged here during the era of Rembrandt, and what modern life is like. Why the concept of charity has remained so developed for centuries, and what has become of it today. We will learn many amazing and funny facts from the lives of scientists, pilgrims, kings, and inhabitants of poorhouses. We will talk about the history of America and Japan and their inextricable connection with this small town. And of course, about tulips, because their real story begins right here.

How do you distinguish a barbarian from a civilized person? How do you put money in the public eye so that it is impossible to steal? What type of small object could be exchanged for a luxurious mansion even in Amsterdam? Let's find it out!

"Dear friends, we warn you that on this tour you will definitely fall in love with this beautiful city and feel like coming back, if not to explore museums or picturesque streets, then certainly to the best pancake house! After Leiden, your life will never be the same!", our colleagues Olga, Hannah, and Kate said. After working together for many years, we can safely say that we have no reason not to trust them :)
Perhaps, you still have some questions. This is what we get asked about most of the time.

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