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Modern Dutch Architecture

Artificial islands, floating neighbourhoods, and private homes of the future. A tour that's guided by an architect

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Dutch architecture is not about mind-boggling, large-scale structures. It's all about functionality and discreetly incorporating objects into the environment while considering various factors: from rapidly changing climate to the environment and politics. Of course, the architecture itself changes and shapes that environment as well.

On our tour with an architect tour guide, we will see Amsterdam's artificial islands and learn how and why they were created. We'll take a walk around the 'promenades' of the floating neighbourhoods. We'll find out what it costs to build them and why they're needed. We will visit an island dedicated to making the dreams of its residents come true. We will talk about "humble" architecture, reusing materials, sustainability, autonomy, the concept of a "passive house", and intelligent infrastructure. We'll also talk about compensational incentives for improving the environment. And, of course, we won't just talk about all this, but also see it with our own eyes!

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During the tour (whether on foot or by bicycle), we'll discover the answers to many questions. How do you take advantage of an ever-changing climate and make it work for you? How do you turn a junkyard into a luxury neighbourhood without spending too much money? Who lives in Amsterdam's experimental areas? Why don't the floating houses float away, and how do you connect utilities to them? If you have huge windows, how do you get any privacy?

We will see mudbrick and autonomous houses, windowless façades and unusual asphalt. We'll also visit a design centre. We will learn how to harness the power of all the elements to save energy and resources, and how natural materials affect the cost of construction and the atmosphere in a building.

This tour of Amsterdam is available in two forms. If you would like more than just two hours of guided walking, then after taking a break in a cosy café, we will stroll through a park with rabbits and foxes, towards an island of expensive villas, architects' houses and multi-storey buildings. It is truly a modern paradise. At the end of the walk, we'll see with our own eyes how artificial islands are born!
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