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Back to the Times of Rembrandt, Hals and Vermeer

A tour about everyday life in the Golden Age and its reflection in paintings

Rembrandt's Amsterdam:
Historical Tour through Time

Who are those luxuriously dressed people painted by young Rembrandt? Where did they live, what did they eat and drink, how did they have fun, with whom did they fall in love, how did they raise children? How was their lifestyle different from that of ordinary citizens you can see on paintings by Frans Hals or Jan Steen? What taverns Amsterdam citizens used to visit in the Golden Age? What crafts did they practice to earn money and why did they waste their savings in the anatomical theater? What was important to them and what was not? And, by the way, how was the sewage system designed? For some reason, this question is especially interesting to many travellers :). You will be definitely surprised to hear those incredible stories!

You will find out more about things that were especially fascinating and unusual at that time. How did these events affect the national character? Who is the modern Amsterdam citizen? We will talk about all those subjects in the atmosphere of the real "scenery" of the Golden Age. And this is fantastic!

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During our Golden Age historical tour, we will talk about various, but certainly interesting subjects, such as Dutch art and its historical context, domestic politics and religion, development of the national merchant fleet, flood control, status of women and preconditions of feminism, raising the children and lifestyle of that time. In other words, together with you we will attempt to understand this country on a deeper level!

We will definitely see the main city sites of that time: the oldest church and the wooden house, which is already five hundred years old, East India House and Rembrandt house, the old gateway, the orphanage and much more. For sure we will visit the old pharmacy, where you will learn about black magicians and bizarre colonial medicines, some of which we can even try ourselves (do not be afraid, this is not dangerous!). We will visit the market square next to the anatomical theater, where you will find out why this place was so popular for spending leisure time with family. We will tell about bizzare romantic traditions and gift-giving rituals. And of course, we will try Dutch herring, traditional apple pie, and some great beer in the old 'brown' bar. After all, it is a vacation!
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