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Amsterdam Underground Tour:
Art Where You Don't Expect it

Let's go for a walk underground. After all, Amsterdam's underground is full of art. Fourteen million people pass by this multitude of artworks each year, merely to perceive them as nothing more than a part of the decor. Meanwhile, some of them tell stories that any novelist would envy - about Amsterdam and its people, social problems and political conflicts, and love and freedom. Others act as a bridge between the underground and the outside world, introducing you to something exceptional in every corner, from unique architecture to wildlife. The Amsterdam Underground can invoke debates or storytelling, making jokes, riddles and even pranks, turning any trip into a thrilling adventure.

Today we invite you on an underground journey through the most exciting stations and artworks. See you underground!

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Our tour of Amsterdam's underground art takes us on two of the most exciting routes: the most modern and the oldest. We'll visit the underground archaeological museum and visit roughly ten stations with many artworks. Some of them are hidden so well that we'll have to do some real detective work to find them!

We'll see how this city has changed and how it lives today. We'll try to understand what modern art is all about and why it's needed. We'll also uncover many stories of the underground. Perhaps these will be about Dutch paintings or the tulip mania, the twentieth-century workers' and student movements, or colonialism. Or perhaps, they could be the stories of the city's most ordinary residents. Which ones will we encounter? You never really know. It's up to the stories themselves to decide when and to whom they will appear. The secret is that it's all up to you.

And how did the idea of decorating the underground come about in the first place? And why did the construction of the first lines in the 1980s provoke such strong resistance from locals, which still echoes not only in social life but even in contemporary life? And what music is playing here and why? Let's find out!
Perhaps, you still have some questions. This is what we get asked about most of the time.

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