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Your Own Belgrade: Tales of Old Zemun

For all those who like leisurely walks, amazing stories, and unexpected discoveries
This tour of Zemun is special. How else could one describe a walk through the charming old town, which is not only hidden, like a nesting doll, in another city but which also hides another city within itself? And we will certainly find that third city together. We will take a stroll along the paved streets between vine-covered houses with tiled roofs, feed the swans on the Danube, peek into courtyards and look for treasures, legends, secrets, and funny stories scattered throughout the city of Zemun. And we can encounter the most unexpected sorts of things.

But don't let this dreamy picture deceive you. Zemun, as every proper fairy-tale city should, has a secret or dark side, which has not only changed the fate of the country more than once but also the fate of Europe. But that doesn't scare us, does it?

This city tour is beautiful, simple, and full of amazing stories. Without them, it is impossible to understand neither Belgrade nor the rest of Serbia. We would recommend you take it after the sightseeing tour of Belgrade.

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2 hours
126 for a group of 1-4 people

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We will meet you in Zemun and together walk through the most picturesque streets, see the magnificent view from the Gardoš Tower, visit several fascinating cathedrals of different confessions and the best farmer's market in Belgrade. We will find the oldest house in the city and remnants of fortifications and learn more about the stories of the residents of luxurious Austro-Hungarian mansions and market vendors. We will come across significant monuments and signposts, Swallow's nests at an arm's length, and real predators. And of course, we will taste all the delicious foods. Let's not forget the rakija!

How do you stay fed and drunk during a war? What are the dangers of building toilets? Why should you talk topsy-turvy? And how did Europe escape the plague? We'll certainly tell you.

We will tell you many amazing stories about Zemun and its residents. This tour is private, so nothing would stop us from talking more about how life was arranged in ancient Roman castra, the times of the Crusades, the impacts of the Russian Revolution, the birth of Zionism or Freemasonry, modern social politics, or any other topic that you find interesting. All this has a direct connection to this little fairy-tale town tucked away inside Belgrade.
How many days in advance should you book a private tour?
It's advisable to decide on tours you would like to take as early as possible, ideally to book them right after buying your airplane tickets. That way we will make sure we have a guide for you and our meeting will definitely take place :) If you make a last-minute decision to take a tour, do not hesitate to contact us either. We will do our best to arrange a guide for you to show you the country.
Where and when do we meet?
We will definitely agree on it well in advance! Then, two days before the tour date, a reminding email with the name and the phone number of your guide, the exact location of the meeting point and its photo will be sent to you. Please do not miss this letter. Thanks! :)
Can you plan a multi-day program for me?
Sure. We love to plan individual programs more than anything else. In addition to our existing tours, a boat or a yacht trip could be included; a hot air balloon flight, designer shops and art gallery tours, various workshops, tastings, university tours, castle visiting and much, much more. In addition, we adore arranging multi-day bicycle trip programs around the country. Arranging an individual program is a paid service. Let us know your personal wishes and we will do our best to make it happen!
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