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Amsterdam, Rotterdam, mills, small towns and villages in good company
Can you guess, why almost everyone prefers group tours? Because of the better price? We used to think so too. And we were wrong! Less than half of the tourists who choose group tours are price-oriented. What about the rest? Here are the most common reasons mentioned by our guests:

  • Together there is more fun. It's a perfect opportunity to meet wonderful people, to find travel companions for trips to other cities in the Netherlands, and sometimes even friends. It has happened that after a 3-hour-long tour our guests continued to spend time together - whether they took a boat, went to a museum or just drank beer with nice company. And they often share their wonderful photos with us.
  • Not everyone is comfortable talking tête-à-tête for several hours with a stranger. During the group tour, you can avoid talking with a guide, if you want, and just walk, listen and enjoy the city.
  • Some people may have had bad experiences with guides in other countries, so they do not want to risk their money with individual tours anymore. But after a group walk, after they get a positive experience with us, they often ask us about our range of individual routes and immediately book them.
  • Some hope that no one else will join them in a group tour, and they will get an individual tour at a group price. This does actually happen sometimes. For example, in February, during a storm :)
And on group tours, you can get to know any of us. Because each guide who conducts individual tours, also conducts group tours. And we love them so much that we compete for conducting them. See you!

You can discover all our tours in the Netherlands here.
And here you can find our money saving tips for your trip.
Group Tours in the Netherlands
At this moment we are busy publishing more group and private tours in the Netherlands to our website. If you would like to get to know more about them, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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During Your Trip in the Netherlands

Dutch people are extremely pragmatic and do not like throwing money around unless necessary. Here are a few Dutch-style lifehacks that will teach you to save some euros without limiting yourself.
Book a hotel in advance and make sure it is located outside Amsterdam. For instance, if you want to visit Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, The North Sea or Keukenhof park- you can stop at ancient Leiden or Haarlem. If you want to see Amsterdam, Castle De Haar, Eindhoven, Maastricht - then Utrecht with its double-decker canals is a perfect place for you to stay at. If you like little cities, immense dunes, sheep farms but cannot give up on Amsterdam - try looking for a hotel in Alkmaar, Hoorn or Edam. You can even stop at an eco-farm with sheep. Dutch transportation system works exceptionally well, so you won't have any trouble getting around.

It is also an option to travel throughout the entire country, going from one city to another. Not without having a day or two in Amsterdam of course. Remember that the Netherlands offer a lot of surprises: wherever you turn, you will end up either in Bosch's or Rembrandt's hometown. You might also end up in an ancient castle or discover some fantastic futuristic architecture. We will be happy to help you plan your personal route.
If you plan on regularly using public transport then buy an OV Chipkaart. The card itself costs 7,50 euros (as of 2020). You can buy it at the ticket window or at the blue and yellow machines at the station. You can top up the card at the very same place. One short trip in Amsterdam, using an OV-Chpikaart, can save you up to 2 euros. If you want to travel by train to other Dutch cities, using the OV-Chpikaart, then it is less advantageous and would require a minimal balance of 20 euros.
To cut your expenditure on trains, which can be quite expansive in the Netherlands, check out the website, which contains information about all discounts on train tickets and chain stores (Hema, Kruidvat, Albert Heijn, Blokker etc.) that sell them. A daily train ticket with unlimited number of rides will cost you more than 50 euros at its full price. If you manage to use one of the discounts, though, it is possible to get the same ticket for only 15-20 euros. Within one day you can easily visit a few cities that you find pleasant and even go to the seaside after the tour without hurting your wallet too much.

Another useful website would be Goedkooptreinkaartj. This website is in Dutch, so you might need to use the automatic translation function in Google. There you have an option to choose any discount you like and purchase a voucher. You can then exchange the voucher for a ticket on Dutch railroad website and download the ticket onto your phone.

Though, if you feel comfortable riding a bike, then it is undoubtedly the best way to travel between and in Dutch cities.
Driving Your Own Car
If you are travelling by car then it is better to leave it behind:). Petrol in the Netherlands is more expensive than in any neighboring country, so it makes sense to fill up your car before crossing the border. Or you can also use the free app DirectLease TankService that shows you the closest and the cheapest gas station around, saving you around 10 euros per filling up.

Downtown parking in Dutch cities can bankrupt even a millionaire. Picturesque narrow streets are best experienced while walking. You can leave your car at inexpensive Park & Ride parking which will also provide you with special opportunities to purchase tickets for public transportation. You can easily find Park & Ride using Google Maps.
Until 10 o'clock in the morning you can find a proper, cheap and filling breakfast starting from 2 euros (as of 2020) in Hema ( a chain of shops which is everywhere). Some Hema shops will also have a cafeteria where you can have lunch as well. A lunch price starts at 5 euros and it is a good chance to try classic Dutch dishes such as stamppot or American filet - which has nothing to do with America.
In fine weather Dutch people happily go picnicking in parks and on canal embankments. A wide variety of salads, diced cheese and other readymade food can be found in Albert Heijn supermarkets, which are practically everywhere. Also check out little local delis. Food there can be heavenly good. Certainly, do not forget about the markets. There, cheese is not only cheaper but often tastes better as well. Moreover, in markets and delis you can always try the food before you buy.

Obviously, do not forget herring sandwiches. You can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find fish stores and little food shops using Dutch words Haringhandel or Vishandel.

Tap water in the Netherlands is actually better than bottled water. Take a reusable bottle and fill it in your hotel before you go. Drinking fountains and standpipes are also very common in big Dutch cities.
Museums and Excursions
Group excursions are much more affordable in comparison to the individual ones. If you want to get your head around the Netherlands, get to know the most important information about the city and the country, discover places which are not very well known - group excursions will deliver all of the above.
Dutch people use their personal Museumkaart which costs 64,9 euros (as of 2020). You can use it without personalizing it in most of the Dutch museums for the first month completely legally. Does that make sense to do? Well, if you are planning on visiting Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, tickets for which are not cheap, and you have a few other places in mind, then you will not lose money with that card. It will also allow you to skip the lines. website has a long list of museums which will be either free or significantly less expensive to visit. Moreover, on the same website you will also find information about hundreds of places and events that might be of interest to you.

Some museums organize free events for the visitors.
  • Photography museum Foam. Экскурсии по экспозиции на английском языке по четвергам в 19-30.
  • Microbe museum Micropia. Every day at 13.00 and 16.00, and also at 18.00 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday one of the museum experts conducts a free excursion and answers any questions guests may have.
  • Rembrandt House Museum Rembrandthuis. They have daily interactive demonstrations about the technique that was used to create engravings and make paints in the XVII century. They have a few demonstrations every day.
You can find more events like those on other museums' websites.
Free Concerts
  • Het Concertgebouw, one of the best concert halls in the world considering its acoustics. Free half an hour concerts take place every Wednesday at 12-30. Billboard.
  • Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Free half an hour concerts organized by Lunch Concert take place in foyer on Thursdays at 12-30 from September till May. Billboard.
  • Muziekgebouw. Free concerts Lunchconcert- on Thursdays at 12-30. Billboard.
  • Bimhuis. On Tuesdays at 20-30- free improvised workshops. Schedule.
  • Vondelpark regularly holds free concerts, theater plays, cabaret and God knows what during summer months. Billboard.
We advise you to always check the schedule on the website to make sure a concert will take place. Besides, not everybody would get excited to witness Cage's 4′33″ rehearsal, with all due respect to him. And of course, it is better if you come earlier.
Dozens of bars are located around Leidseplein square which have live music concerts almost daily after 21.30-22.00. Entrance is around 5 euros, but usually it is completely free of charge. Though, they might require you to order a glass of beer at least. You can check the program and prices on websites of each of the bars. Here are some of them:
  • Jazz bar Alto — a cozy little bar with great music.
  • Piano bar Maxim — a disco-bar with white grand piano. They play blues, jazz, rock and pop music.
  • Waterhole — a spacious dancing rock-and-roll bar.
  • Bourbon street — a rock-and-roll bar.
  • Maloe Melo — a cozy bar with diverse music.

On the North side (Amsterdam Noord):
  • Pllek — a great modern bar in ship containers on the north bank in Amsterdam Noord. Live music concerts are common here - from classical music to Latin-American tunes. Sometimes DJs perform here or Pllek organizes film screenings under open sky with great view of the bay. Performances can be free or cost symbolic five euros.
  • Noorderlicht — an alternative modern place with live music.

In the West:
  • Nieuwe Anita — a great cultural venue with an old-fashioned and very cozy bar. Exhibitions as well as concerts are held here. They also organize art-house movies screenings and lectures.
Standard souvenirs (T-shirts, magnets, cups with Dutch symbols) can be found at the best price at the flower market in the most central stalls. Usually shopkeepers are ready to make a small discount if you buy a lot, however it is better not to bargain too much.
You can also buy souvenirs at chain stores such as Albert Heijn or Hema. They are significantly cheaper and sometimes even more interesting:) Apart from the regular gifts you might also want to get some of the classic Dutch cheese, Dutch waffles, fig bread etc.
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