Guides for Car Tours in the Netherlands

If you live in the Netherlands, if you're in love with the country, you have a driver's license and would like to show the Netherlands and your province to travellers, email us at

You have no experience? No worries! We would be glad to teach you how to become a great guide as long as you are adventurous, initiative, and enthusiastic!

What's important to us:
  • a driver's license and a proven history of incident-free driving;
  • you can fluently speak English;
  • an excellent humanities education (not by degree);
  • knowledge of the country, its history, culture, modernity;
  • you have an interest in facts and figures, and you avoid unverified information and subjective assessments;
  • you are active, attentive, curious and friendly.
Please note that this position requires very good knowledge of the country's history and culture. We do not provide history classes. We can send you extra materials for self-study and share our secrets, but we still do expect you to have sufficient knowledge of history.

Flexible working hours. Official registration will be necessary.
This job requires a few months of practise, therefore it is perfect for those who seek an extra income and look for an enjoyable and entertaining side-hustle.

With us you can:
  • come to work in a Spider-Man costume;
  • talk about any "crazy idea" and implement it;
  • sing songs, tell silly tales and do cartwheels while working.
With us you can't:
  • be boring, mean and lazy.
Are you interested? Send us a little information about yourself and include:
  • CV;
  • motivation letter;
  • links to your social media accounts will be a great advantage;
  • a few words about your favorite places in your city that you'd like to show to travellers.
Looking forward to hearing from you -
Would you like to know a little bit more about us? You can read about our project here, get to know more about your future colleagues here, and find reviews about us here.

Nothing that matches you? We always have jobs for wonderful people! Tell us about yourself, your interests and ideas for unique and exciting tours or other related subjects and we may dream up a wonderful job for you. Don't be afraid to send us an open application :).
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