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The Netherlands is a country with one of the most developed democracies in the world, a country of amazing discoveries and technological innovations, magnificent design and architecture, high quality of life, respect for history and heritage, and a unique attitude towards nature.

Floating homes and 3D-printed houses become elegantly fused with old mills that are present everywhere. Farms managed with iPads stand next to shepherd's schools, where students can, among other things, learn how to pet cows. Decriminalization of soft drugs coexists with a widespread passion for a healthy lifestyle and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Though it is the birthplace of Rembrandt and Van Gogh, modern-day students have a good understanding of both classical and contemporary art.

During our tours in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities, we will tell you lots of fascinating stories, visit unique places, and even have various tastings. By the way, you can find some lovely tips and unique ideas for your independent trip to the Netherlands in the article below.

Come! This country is incredibly beautiful and extremely interesting!
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Unique Ideas for Your Trip
One of the most common questions we get asked is how long should one stay in the Netherlands? The only right answer would be - for life! The Netherlands is the best country in the world to spend your vacation, no matter how long. That is of course unless you're a fan of exceptionally warm seas, beach vacations, or jungle walks. Having said that, we also have islands, a sea with endless beaches, and stunning dune reserves. In fact, we even have our own version of Venice!

Back in the 17th-century, guidebooks (yes, they existed back then!) described Amsterdam as an old chest - dull-looking from the outside and yet filled with unthinkable treasures. In our opinion, this description applies to the whole country. Within a small surface area, this country has everything you can think of - from the ancient castles, nature reserves with herds of deer, monasteries, where nuns will happily cook a meal for you, even caves, all the way down to crazy modern architecture, stunning designs, and technologies of the future. Even a local amusement park is a lot more attractive to the Dutch than Disneyland Paris.

Did you know, for example, that we don't only have tulip fields, but also fields of chrysanthemums, peonies, aster, and heather flourishing across the flat land? Flower parades take place all year round!

You can safely take your children or grandparents, go with a group of friends, no matter how different your interests or physical capabilities are, everyone will find something to do here and everyone can find a route that is to their liking and physical strength. Everything here is closeby, so you could easily split-up for the day and then meet in the evening for dinner at a cosy fish diner by the bay, sharing the impressions you gained during your eventful and wonderful day. Here are a few unusual ideas for your next trip.
Bicycle Touring
There are over 32,000 kilometres of cycling lanes in the Netherlands. Furthermore, a vast network of tourist cycling lanes covers the country, based on different interests, difficulty and duration, which you can explore for a few hours or a few weeks. Some lanes actually continue even outside the Netherlands! Our landscapes are exceptionally flat, and the distances are small. You can rent a bike even in the smallest rural villages, and it's very simple to navigate your way around. It would be a pity to miss this opportunity!
You could also organize a day trip - from the farm to the windmill, or from the fish smokehouse to the restaurant nestled under a reed roof. But what's even more interesting, is to arrange a multi-day trip around the country and its provinces and spending a night in an energetic city, giving it the extra attention it deserves. On your way, you could pick some strawberries or hug lambs and llamas on local farms, or perhaps have a picnic in the hilly dunes or by the seashore, visit ancient castles, mills, ethnographic parks, or modern art museums. Not all Dutch museums are located in the big cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Many of them, some that are world-renowned, hide deep within the wilderness or stand in the middle of an open field.

Interactive route planners are very helpful in organizing such a trip. You can find some here: Holland Cycling Routes and Fietsersbond Routeplanner.

Or you can write to us, and we'll happily create a personalised cycling route for you that will last as long as you like, taking your personal interests and wishes into account. And of course, you can join one of our one-day cycling tours! We have plenty of them, and they're all fabulous! :)
For those who live in a metropolis, there's no better way to quickly wind down from the frenzied rhythm of the city than escaping into nature. For this reason, we have a lot of countryside tours: to farms, mills, dunes, small towns, to national and ethnographic parks. You could enjoy your vacation by staying at a farm, in an old castle in the middle of a park, or a cosy village in the middle of a marsh. You could also partake in ecotourism. The Netherlands is the best choice for this. Surrounded by nature, pastoral landscapes with canals, windmills and sheep, a huge quantity of national parks with deer, foxes, bison, seals and many more. Lush forests with ancient tombs and dolmens, wonderful infrastructure for cycling and going on walks with many places to take a break, gather oysters or strawberries. Not to mention farms where you can drink tea while hugging alpacas. We would be happy to help you experience all this in complete comfort.

No matter how far into the wilderness you wander, you can be sure that we won't leave you without a cup of great morning coffee and a wonderful glass of wine for dinner. You can probably find dozens of museums to visit in the nearby area. And since the Netherlands is not too big, and public transport works perfectly, you can easily visit Amsterdam or Rotterdam for a day from anywhere in the country. And most importantly, in the Netherlands, this type of holiday is accessible to everyone, including people with special needs.
Here are a few sites that we are most often asked about and that will help you make your journey more enriched and wonderful:

  • An interactive map of cheese and dairy farms Discover Farmhouse Cheese. Besides cheese, these farms produce delicious yoghurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, and butter. On many of these farms, you can see incredible innovative technologies. Not all farms are open to visitors, so be sure to check this in advance.
  • An interactive map of mills on Google Maps. Many mills are open for visits only on certain days. You can check their opening hours by browsing the links found on the map. Alternatively, you can also admire their beauty just from the outside.
  • An interactive map of blossoming tulip-, hyacinth-, and daffodil fields Bloemenradar. This map is updated yearly by locals to give a detailed image of where flowers are blooming across the country. Therefore you will never be disappointed by a closed bud again. We hope this map will help you avoid overcrowded routes and let you enjoy the beauty of the flowers without any rush or hassle.
  • An interactive Birdwatching map Vogelkijkhut. The Netherlands is home to an incredible number of diverse bird species: from Atlantic puffins and Indian parrots to flamingos.
Visiting Castles and Monasteries
There are castles and medieval monasteries around every corner in the Netherlands. The kind which have fortress walls, arrow-slits, underground passages, and even ghosts! But not all are like this. Some of them are just cosy mansions with several floors that have earned the title of a castle in this small country. Some have even been developed into fabulous interactive museums or luxury restaurants. We recommend renting a car and going on a fascinating journey through time while visiting these historic landmarks.
To avoid disappointment, it's always better to thoroughly plan your trip in advance. On the website KastelenIn Nederland, you can choose the castles that you find most interesting by filtering through many different features - ranging from geographical location to the type of castle, age, and its preservation. For each castle, you can also find photos, opening hours, and what can be found inside.

Similarly, here you can choose from countless medieval monasteries to visit. Over 200 of these monasteries have been preserved in the Netherlands. And it's not just religious and historical artefacts. In these castles, one can find luxury wine cellars, collections of beer, candle-production where candles are made using antique recipes, and many other charming treasures. Both sites are in Dutch and can be translated into English using Google Translate. Or you can contact us and we will be more than happy to plan your trip, so feel free to reach out to us if necessary. By the way, we even offer a tour of the most beautiful castle in the Netherlands.
Every year the Netherlands hosts over a thousand music, theatre, art, and sports festivals, averaging to around three festivals per day. And this excludes an additional dozen annual carnivals, sailboat parades, historical reconstructions, and other marvellous events. Unfortunately, we had to scrap most of them in 2020. Nonetheless, the upcoming years promise to be even more eventful, so you'll be able to hop from festival to festival.
On this interactive map, you can find where each festival is taking place. Using the name of the festival, you can also find more details about tickets, participants, and dates online. These events take place across the whole country, not just around the main Dutch cities. Feel free to take advantage of this fact and visit different parts of the country while attending these festivals. Don't forget that we offer lots of tours near all these locations :).

We would love to share a hundred other ideas with you... but our colleagues who run our website assure us that no one will read around 10km of text. So just write to us and have a look at our Instagram page now and then. We would be happy not only to show our favourite places but also to share ideas and help create the best possible route for your independent adventure. This is a wonderful country and we would really like to share all of its treasures with you!
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